Wednesday, May 07, 2008

COMPOSITION 3 For Layout and BG artists - Clear Staging

By the way, the reason I put all this information and advice up here, is partly because I'm willing to save people the decades of time I've spent uncovering some secrets of the past and learning from trial and error, but also in the hopes that in a couple or a few years I might have a small army ready to help me make the kinds of cartoons I can direct with skilled and willing cartoonists.

I sure envy the days when Clampett, Avery or Jones could just walk in the next room and have a whole staff of already highly skilled crafstmen and all in a progressive mind set to outdo themselves and everyone else every time they sit down to make a new cartoon.

Don't wait till you're in your mid twenties and your conservative hormone kicks in! Then you'll be satisfied with slaving for the man.