Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pros Apply now

Storyboard poses can be kinda rough, like these funny Rex drawings. They don't have to be "on-model" but the artists have to understand his construction and personality. (the other characters too)

Each pose has to be :
Clear and distinct
In Character
In context of the scene and story

You have to be able to do rough BGs and good composition too.

BG Design-key layout setups

I would like to work with an artist or 2 to plan the key scenes of the cartoons-designing the main BGs and the most important poses. These key setups would then be given to storyboard and layout artists to fill in the continuity.
I'll be looking for good background design and composition.

Layout Character posing

The layout artists will draw the finished poses for the animators. These drawings have to be tighter than SB poses, but not perfectly clean. They have to be appealing, functional, tell the story and look like the characters and BE LIVELY.

If you have stuff to show me, then this week is the time to do it, because I am writing now and will be ready to board within a couple weeks.

I will happily give tips in person (or in photoshop sent in emails or blogged) to anyone who has their style and have been practicing getting close to the show style.

These 3 jobs require experience. If you are just breaking into animation, then I suggest you go for inking. I'll do a post about that soon.


It's gonna be a lot of fun. Once you can draw the characters well, I will encourage you to bring some of your own style to the show. No tracing model-sheets here.