Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I need a layout/BG Designer to design scene setups for me

See the posts below on composition to see what I am looking for. Composition, 1 through 9

I'll tell you more about it later.

This will be the key guy to work with me to plan out each George Liquor cartoon.

Preferred Qualifications:
Good draftsmanship Solid perspective Can do cartoony (old school) styles and can adapt styles easily Like funny cartoons (of the past)

****Has wide knowledge of the way things look in their variety of forms:
In other words, you are constantly adding to your repertoire of types of trees, different kinds of houses, streets, buildings, interiors, eras etc.

You don't just draw the same couple of animation trees, and the basic modern cartoon house. You are extremely interested in the world around you, like to do research and can translate a lot of knowledge into caricature.

Preferably has layout and/or storyboard experience.