Saturday, May 03, 2008

George with specific expressions

Here are some subtle George expressions. The first 3 show George in a calm self assured in his own righteousness (also called rectitude) sort of way.
The pose above adds a bit of cocksuredness.
George calm and sure of himself.
Here's George with some sympathy towards God's creatures, as long as he knows they accept their place in the cruel arbitrary order of things.

George is a multi-shaded personality. He is not always a raving, psychopath as the hippie ladies thought of him.

In order to storyboard or layout scenes with George, it's important to be able to feel his many sides. This whole page shows some similar attitudes with subtle differences of states of being.

Note that these all use the same construction as his simpler expressions. The cheeks work the same way as cheeks do in old cartoons, Preston Blair and such...the same physical mechanics applied to a specific design.