Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bounce Cycles By Commenters

Well, a few people who visit this blog are really smart!

They are actually copying classic cartoons because they want to learn the best way to animate.

If they keep at it, they will surpass many folks who just kind of wing it and try to teach themselves.

***BTW, count your drawings. There should be 24 drawings in the whole cycle, and each one shot for 1 frame-at 24 frames per second...

Here they are:



Mad Taylor


I think Anne just made one up...


OK, Chet. I watched it. It's good but you shot it on "2's". You need to shoot it on "1's". Just one frame for each drawing. Then it will move faster-it should be 2 beats per second. 12 drawings per beat....makes sense?

Bosco Swing by ~Thunderrobot on deviantART


I can't get Guilherme's to play either, but maybe you can

Matt Greenwood

Matt's action is good, but the volumes keep changing.

Kate Yarberry

Now if all these dedicated folks keep studying the old stuff, they might get to the point where they can animate as well as this:

Milt Gross (thanks to William) - note how everything moves o musical beats!

So where are the rest of you wanna-be animators?