Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is Hollywood Really Run By "Liberals"?

I thought this comment was worth its own post:

R said...

I agree with you in your overall distaste for blandness but its unfair to pin all of this on Christians and conservatives. Most of the good cartoons were produced when the country was far more Christian and conservative. Go figure!

Are Christians and conservatives running Hollywood now? I don't think anybody can say that with a straight face. The fact is, liberals have dominated the entertainment industry for the past forty years. If you're going to pin the current state of affairs on anybody, it has to be them.

I'll grant you that Christian "entertainment" is the bottom of the barrel. Probably because its mostly made by amateurs now. However, putting that aside, I think real conservatives are not the problem. For some strange reason, its the liberals, in striving for their utopian fantasies, who give us the "let's all cooperate and save the planet" cartoons. "Let's have diversity and equal time for all" cartoons have been the ruin of real entertainment.


JohnK said...

When I use the term conservative, I'm not talking about the political party, I'm using it in its dictionary sense.

Conservative people like to leave things the way they are. (The way the last generation of liberals and the previous generation of radicals made them). They distrust new ideas and creativity in general.

I can't think of a more conservative concept than "political correctness". This is designed to stop you from using observation to judge what you see around you. No more inductive reasoning. Turn off your senses and your faculties. Burn Aristotle's books.

The so called "liberal" democrats are as conservative as anybody. they just have a different set of dogma than the "conservative" Republicans.

Anyone who follows the party line is by nature conservative, no matter what party he belongs to. He surrenders his free thinking to the cause.

If you belong to the Disney party, you are conservative in your idea of creativity. Completely afraid to break the mold.

SpongeBob is the conservative version of Ren and Stimpy.

Simpsons is ultra-extreme conservatism-when you compare it to All In The Family or the Honeymooners.

Politically affiliated liberals may run some of Hollywood, but they follow the most Republican of practices. They squeeze out the competition, blitz market their blandness into success and brainwash the masses, who never get to see alternative, more creative and skilled entertainment.

Didn't it make anyone else besides me feel ill to see the Dreamworks robber barons schmoozing (and funding!) Barack Obama? The guy who says he's gonna change things?