Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stock 90s animation acting vs 40s Custom acting

One of the commenters sent this link to me after I posted the ape cg cartoon short last week. I'm not sure why this was sent. Did you want me to admire it? Or analyze it?

I don't know where it came from or who did it. It is completely typical of the animation acting I see in modern feature length cartoons, whether 2d or CG. It's a good cartoon to study this type of acting, because the furry style design is so primitive and the rendering is non-existent. You won't be distracted by pores, hairs and lots of surface details as you would be say - in a Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks film which use the same style of acting coated in elaborate details.

See if you can watch this, paying only attention to the acting-the expressions the characters make, their gestures, their head moves, body poses etc.

I was going to write a big old long-winded analysis of this type of animation acting, but instead I thought I'd see if others can analyze it.

Remember, I'm just looking for comments about the acting, not about the design, the story, gags or anything else.

Then compare it to the acting in this old cartoon and see if you can spot major differences in the approaches.I'll read your comments and then present my own analysis if you are interested.