Friday, July 04, 2008

Mort Drucker Compositions/Layouts

Mort uses the same big picture idea that Owen, Gross, Kurtzman and Frazetta uses, but also adds little details (like crosshatching) on the last levels.

First Level: Ground plane and Sky.
2nd level: Driveway on Hill and road
Next level: Hill split into driveway and vegetation
Next level: Vegetation split into grass and bushes. Note that there is more negative space (the grass) than filled space (the bushes)
Next level The bushes make a long organic form that flows along the hill and driveway.
Next level: Then the bushes are broken into separate rounded forms that flow along the overall long form.
Final level: Each individual bush is broken into an outline of leaves hat radiate along the organic form of the bush.

7 levels- each smaller one is subject to the form of the next level up. No level exists in its own wonky abstract plane ignorant of the the overall picture.