Monday, July 21, 2008

Political Chaos in Toy Form

Here is Barack and his magic podium. If you rub the podium against any of your problems and hope them away, they will vanish!

If hoping your problems away doesn't work, then try the other method: Blow 'em away!

Or try hiding them in your pant suit!

McCain and Obama were sculpted by Chris Peterson. Hillary sculpted by Arshak Nazarian. All color styled and painted by Beth Colla. Castings by Richard Vanover at Wheaty Wheat.

They were manufactured by Reel FX. They are rounding up distributors at this very moment so add yourself on the list if you want to get 'em in your stores!
Wait'll you see the fancy-ass packaging Brian Romero is designing! I'll post 'em later this week.


These toys are not only sculpted beautifully, but we've taken extra time and effort to color them slightly off register, just like old fashioned 60s toys!

And here's some more nifty toys to rock your ass off! Sculpted by Chris Peterson and company and colored by Beth Colla at Wheaty Wheat.

These were manufactured by Thunderdog toys and distributed by Strangeco to comic book stores and specialty shops.

Chris is busy sculpting my latest batch of toys - George Liquor, Sody Pop, Jimmy the Idiot Boy and Cigarettes the Cat for Strangeco.
We are recreating this historic scene in toy form! Tell me you will run to the toy store and buy 'em!