Sunday, July 27, 2008

some good inks

Here's a link for tips on inking in Adobe Illustrator:



Here's some good stuff, and I will add yours when you meet this quality level!

Mitch L
Ryan G

George's mouth should not be filled in black, but it's a beautiful, faithful ink.


wascallywabbit said...

Hey John! sorry if I came off like a bit of a jerk in that last post :( I tried really hard on this post and tried to keep everything on model and more what youre looking for, be brutally honest its the only way Ill learn!

wascallywabbit said...

hey John! I did a few silly sight gags which I think will liven up your production! I dont know what the running rate is on a per gag basis but Im sure we can work something out!!!

wascallywabbit said...

Bwanasonic said...

"George's mouth should not be filled in black, but it's a beautiful, faithful ink."

Just out of curiosity, how should that be rendered? Are those hatching lines indicating "color goes here"? Anyhow, thanks for the Illustrator inking link, because damned if I never figured out double-click on the tool to turn off *keep selected*. Man that drove me crazy. If it wan't way past my bedtime, I'd take the wacom for a spin.

Kerry M

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Here's another.

Thanks for looking,
David O.


:: smo :: said...

so if you're outputting to flash, why do you guys use illustrator for inking?

do you just like the linework better from illustrator? i've always done roughs and cleanups directly in flash, so i can draw new frames and elements and have them match.

what's the sort of workflow you guys are dealing with? i'm a little confused over here!