Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Dad Discovers The Big Boys Following Spumco

sent by my Dad

"Here are some comments from viewers on Seth MacFarlain's entry into animated commercials, You have a head start, hope your show gets a lot of attention, looks like Google is interested in animated commercials. I sent this to you in case you have not heard about it, I saw the article in the Ottawa Citizen to-day."


Google to Make History with Exclusive Animated Internet Series?

Written by Corvida / June 30, 2008 9:15 AM / 13 Comments
Google is getting some serious press, support, and power from Hollywood today. According to the New York Times, Google will be bringing on Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hilarious TV series "Family Guy", to work on a secret animated series called "Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy." While that's nothing short of exciting, Google's distribution plan for the project is causing heads to turn.

The Distribution Plan

Apparently, the plan is going to involve a lot of of work will use Google's Adsense advertising system and the Google Content Network to run the series.

"Google will syndicate the program using its AdSense advertising system to thousands of Web sites that are predetermined to be gathering spots for Mr. MacFarlane's target audience, typically young men. Instead of placing a static ad on a Web page, Google will place a "Cavalcade" video clip. "
There will be numerous strategies used for incorporating the advertisements into the clips including "preroll" ads, which will remind viewers of a commercial, banners at the bottom of the video clip, or a "brought to you by" note at the beginning.

The Animated Series

The series will be exclusive to the internet alone. The series will also include a new line-up of characters and will be 50 episodes that are two-minutes each. MacFarlane describes the episodes as, "animated versions of the one-frame cartoons you might see in The New Yorker, only edgier." MacFarlane will receive a percentage of the advertising revenues and will also work with advertisers to provide original animated commercials to run with "Cavalcade" for a hefty fee. There's no word yet on who's signed-up for the deal.

Why is This a Big Deal?

If Google succeeds, this could become the premier internet business model for Hollywood to look into. With a multimillion-dollar production price tag and a high-profile Hollywood celeb, Google could make history, while making Hollywood's dreams come true. This pay day could be huge for both sides of this fence if Google succeeds.


Frank Macchia said...

haha, pshh...eff that...John did it first.

Chip Butty said...


Taco Wiz said...

Oh my God.

THEY STOLE YOUR BUSINESS MODEL, JOHN! Sue them! Demand royalties! Pull some legal shit!

And how will Seth McFarlane have time to work on Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, The Winner, and this new webtoon?

Sean Worsham said...

Why him and not you... That is the question. While it's good business sense based on ratings Seth has gathered for his shows alone, I think it would be a better decision to release stuff that people hasn't seen before (ie art style and characters) to really catch their attention for ads.

People have seen enough of Seth Mcfarlanes' stuff already and he has a 3rd tv show coming out this fall. He's simply oversaturated now and I think people are tiring of him personally (haven't heard anyone talk about Family Guy around the office lately or American Dad).

I hope it succeeds though (the marketing aspect) but only if it will mean getting other artists' stuff on and I mean the good ones.

Jim Rockford said...

Thats gotta make you sick!
Seth MacFarlanes already filthy rich for a poorly drawn cross between the simpsons and south park.

Now look who he's copying!

Guess he's not rich enough yet.

What does Seth MacFarlane know about "cartoon" comedy..his damn show is just an animated sitcom,nothing cartoony about it.

HemlockMan said...

Ugh. I'm sick of the Internet model.

Peggy said...

Having the ads appear in ad spaces is a pretty interesting variant on the 'brought to you by...' ideas you've been trying to sell! Good luck talking to them, if you decide to try and get in on it.

Bill Field said...

Well- does this mean Google will be swarming San Diego looking for new series?!?- Hey, we can dream can't we?- Google has a cable channek as well for even better means of distribution- cross platforms even!

pinkboi said...

Just wait until google (and others) brings animated commercials to peep's cell phones and game consoles!

Sandy Pants said...

Well it didn't say anything about him MAKING the cartoons. The problem with getting an idea like yours off the ground is having serious capital to back it up. Seth's got it because his dumb show has made him a millionaire.
Maybe you need to make friends with millionaires, John.

Sven Hoek said...

That worthless hack!

What could that guy possible come up with that hasnt already been done a thousand times?!?

My guess, not much.

Just another example of coporate suits with nothing new up their sleeves but stolen ideas and non-creative content.

Long Live George Liquor!

NateBear said...

Who da Fuff calls their own work "edgier"?

Brad said...

So like MochiAds for cartoons. Only they solved the problem of advertisers not knowing where the ads would be showing up by limiting them, under the guise of showing the cartoons on sites that supposedly cater to his audience...


Mr. Semaj said...

Here's an idea:

How about getting in contact with Mr. MacFarlane? Sharing ideas with him, and explaining your business model to him?

lastangelman said...

This venture hasn't succeeded or failed,yet, so I am not going to bad mouth or congratulate anybody. It's far more interesting to sit back and watch and see how far this is taken and whether the initial Oregon trail hacked in the wilderness of the Internet by John K more than a dozen years ago becomes an sixteen lane concrete super-animated information ad-supported highway or another fallen by the wayside attempt to supply entertainment via ads (similar to TV model) via the Internet.

It doesn't matter who did it first. The public only remembers who succeeds.

jack raffin said...

what the f*ck!

to "make history", or history repeating itself?

CartoonSteve said...

If only all new TVs had built in wifi.

The Feds are making our old TVs obsolete next February - but there still remains this big rift between the internet and television. If/when this ever changes, Seth, Google and/or George Liquor could really make history.

Internet capable tvs would give the average consumer a much needed choice. While I'm on this soap box, the auto industry should make all new cars flex fuel capable. Lets run 'em on Uncle Jed's corn squeezin's instead of Achmed's overpriced gas.