Sunday, October 12, 2008

Help Me Fix The Economy

Here is what a true patriot looks like.
Matt is doing his part to get money flowing through our constipated economy. He bought all 3 of my new Presidential candidate toys. If everyone did this you'd see the stock market go up again and the world would be saved! Look at the sheer satisfaction these toys have brought this proud American who doesn't let the politics of fear guide his wallet.Matt says: "I just received the presidential toys in the mail.
They are seriously the best designed toys I've ever seen.
Great job and thanks!

If anyone is still contemplating ordering these, do it!
They are the best thing to come out since rubber nipples."

World famous Pixar artist Jeff Pidgeon bought them and took a picture of his candidate for us. If they're good enough for Pixar, they will be almost as good for you. Thanks Jeff!

Vince says: "I received some cool stuff yesterday: your Political Candidates Vinyl Toy Collection!

I'm amazed at the amount of detail and beautiful painting on these items, John.

The metallic accents are solid in color saturation and expertly placed.

Love the over-sprays, especially on Obama's face and McCain's liver spots.

Hilary's hair coloring, eye make-up and rosy cheeks are perfect, and the use of 'flocking' on her pantsuit is a masterstroke.
These toys are modern masterpieces created with good old-fashioned quality. Great concepts, design, sculpts and production. I hope they are hugely successful. Kudos to you and your team."

Buy them here!

And then send me your picture and I'll post it for the whole world to see.