Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet Jim Smith This Saturday at Hi-De-Ho Comics

Jim smith and Frank Forte are brimming with love, autographs and man-hugs for all you cartoon and comic fans out there.
Go meet them this Saturday. I'm gonna pop in for a hug myself.


TacoTheSmurf said...

I may be pretty new to the world in terms of good cartoons and comics, but even i can tell how talented Frank is. His work makes Stan lee look like Seth McFarland.

Zoran Taylor said...

Oh John, you and your slippery homoerotic allusions. Keep advocating manliness, Dear Brother!

Honestly, I wish I could, but I assume this is in L.A. Damn Toronto! Oh well, at least we have Eddie's evil twin. (I'll give you three guesses on who I'm referring to. You knew him well....)

Kali Fontecchio said...

I will request a hug as well.

Sven Hoek said...

Jim Smith!?!?!?!?!?!


Wooo Hoooo!!!

He rocks.

Vanoni! said...

And now I realize I'm officially one of those people who says, "Damn, I wish I was in LA so I could go."

I still laugh at Jim's comment regarding a UFC fight. Something like this:

Jim: What're we watching?
Someone: It's a fight.
Jim: I don't know. . .where I come from you don't lay down to fight.

- Corbett

trevor said...

I thought you disapproved of guys hugging each other, John.

- trevor.

Zachary said...

I know I saw the Disney animators watch the voice characterization people while they are reciting the lines. And then while they watch them recording the voices they animate their own movements and souls into the characters. i'm sure there are youtube movies on it. the "pirates of silicon valley" movie is in there too and it talks about art and artists and how companies treat their artists if u wanna check that out at youtube