Saturday, October 25, 2008

John Hench, Mr. Toad and Kali

Kali has been putting up some great stuff lately:

Some killer illustrations by John Hench from the Mr. Toad Golden Book.

And her own really fun colorful cartoon sketches:

She's obsessed with Wade's head.
Amazing color technique! She's doing some color keys for George Liquor now and if they look like this we have some handsome cartoon BGs!

And Devo too:

Something called "katamari" that all the girls will like and will baffle the boys: is tons of cartoon fun and invention at Kali's site:
Here's my perfectly realistic portrait of this wacky cartoon lass.


trevor said...

Kali fer president!

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here drawn after drinking an energy drink,I tried one the other day and realized this helps when drawing.

Johnk should get an energy drink goin that would be for creative people. hah soo many ppeople would buy into it.
who doesnt want to be creative :)

BTW "the wind and the willows"
is a cure and better than sleeping pills, trust me.

I havent updated my site , But ive been reading yours alot :)

thanks for your awesome posts.

Deniseletter said...

Hi John,I linked her blog to mine,she's very imaginative with all.I like Katamari designs and colors so much:-)

Another thing,This is off-topic but I think is important.This is a message to help a famous Animator/Cartoonist:

And this writting is for visitors of this blog to read it too.

If you know someone you think can give or bring help tell him or she about this.

Thanks in advance

Ted said...

Katamari Damacy is for everyone.

Anders said...

Hi, John. I'm not going to introduce myself because you don't care.

What you might care about is what or who those "Katamari" creatures are.

Well, these things come from a video-game called "Katamari Damacy" when you, as the Prince, go out to and try to roll as many things as possible into a Katamari (ball-like thing).

The prince himself has many brothers and sisters.

The above picture, is of The Prince himself.

And that's about it.

Keep doing your thing, John.

Nico said...

Vote for Kali in 2012!!!!!!!!!

Lignamorren said...

Katamari baffles boys? What planet did you say you were from, again?

Rudy Tenebre, esteemed secretary. said...

Always interested, Mister Beggs.

Shawn said...

Kali is A1 in my book!

Anonymous said...

Right. Not sure what your take on video games is, John, but in the world of games, (which seems to mimic the cartoon industry's fall to generic mediocracies,) stands out with great gameplay and artistic features.

Mr. Semaj said...

Nose goblins. :P

Fernando Sosa said...

Hello John, I want you to know that you are my idol maximum over all major admire that, you take your first.
I am an admirer and follower, and this "disease" I think it had its beginning as a child and I was fascinated with your video Harlem Shuffle, came after Ren & Stimpy there and stay in my heart,my retina and brain forever.
You send a greeting and my admiration from Argentina.




Tim said...


Mike Matei said...

Kali-tastic? ...

Rodrigo said...

Katamari rules.

Niki said...

this is weird I faved Kali's page about two weeks ago!

and something else, I like this guy's work but something doesn't fit right with me. do you have an opinion of his page?

pumml said...

Man, I'm jealous of Kali doing the keys for GL. She's gonna rock 'em!