Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet Me and My Pals at Meltdown This Saturday

If you're in LA come down to Meltdown comics and toys for a signing.

Cast your vote for the craziest candidate!

2:00 this Saturday

I'll be signing my new toyline. Buy a toy and get a caricature!

I'll bring some animatics and clips from the George Liquor Show too. [sody_george_jimmy.jpg]
Jim Smith, Kali and other surprise guests will be there for you to hobnob with!

7522 W Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA
- (323) 851-7223


Sven Hoek said...

I hope the details include the address, I am so there.

Taco Wiz said...


I hate living in West Virginia.

John, what month is the webtoon premiering? December? January? February? I hope it's not longer than that.

JohnK said...

We switched sponsors and are still deciding on dates and where to run it.

But it's in production, so don't worry.

Zoran Taylor said...

Hey John, totally off topic, but do you know if Warner Bros. directors OTHER than Jones ever used what we would now call limited animation? Because I just noticed that when Daffy is covering his eyes and saying "Please don't let Noodlenose kill Dick!", his head and mouth move but his body remains unusually still for a forties cartoon. Like, COMPLETELY still - no twitches, no subtle rumbles of distorted volume, NOTHING. It's obviously all re-traces. And I can't quite picture Scribner doing that for more than, say, four frames at a time, if even that. Do you think it's likely that the head and the body were drawn on different cels? Did Avery ever do that in the forties?

By the way, keep you eyes peeled for my next display picture - I'm making this Halloween a special'll see....

Zoran Taylor said...

(By the way, I'm aware that "Piggy Bank" was Clampett, not Avery. I was thinking of those insane, drawn-out "bit-by-bit takes" that Walter Clinton was so fond of doing.)

Mitch L said...

Argh I whised that I could go... How cool to get a signed toy and caricature!

Sagelights said...

I have a question, if I buy all 3 toys there would I get the same deal like I would if I bought them from the internet?

Khaki Hat said...


Oh well, Not like I would have actually bought a toy anyways. I'm too poor a student to do that!

Tara Billinger said...

Wish I could go!

Nicol3 said...

Way to make me wish I lived in LA..

Maybe I can beg my uncle to go down there for me. :(

Anonymous said...

Damn that would be so cool to go and check this event out.
I will try to buy one of your awesome political toys.
It sure would be cool to be able to purchase a drawing from the you.

Toole said...

So we can buy the toy there? Do you take credit cards for them? I don't prefer carrying cash but I hate ordering stuff on the internet.

JohnK said...

Yep, you cn buy 'em there. I'm sure they accept credit cards. It's a very modern and fancy-ass comic and toy store.

Super Wu-Man said...

im a huge fan of your you ever do any shows / signings on the east coast?

keep up the great blog!!!

Fernando Sosa said...

John K,my traslation for you about the article published in my blog about the Flinstones:

The Flintstones Creoles by Molina Campos
I do not know if many are knowing that before the couple Hanna-Barbera become immensely popular (and millionaires) with its arch-known mega-series the Flintstones (The Flintstones) there was a genius, admired by myself and the vast Argentine proletariat for his series of almanacs for the company Alpargatas, which many would come to call the first folk art gallery.
The genius of Don Florencio Molina Campos, who not only performed Gauchos their magnificent but also did this series of drawings of caveman with rustic artifacts similar to the current but the ingenuity with which this Creole knew him impregnate during the late 20.
It is a history of that famous series of animation? Maybe, Molina Campos was known in his time in the U.S., not just for a direct link he had with Disney, actually worked for him during a season preparing for his series of characters played by gauchos Goofy now before the Tribilin.
Also made public just as their calendars by personalities here in the rustic country's north.
Here a series of drawings found in the network of networks and brought to the delight of you, along with a mini biography of this brilliant Creole

Doug said...

I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE! But I had to work. John, please do more public appearances!!! Thank you! You are the greatest! I love your blog so much!