Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jimmy's Gifts

The most generous man in the world is walking along his humble abode, humming a happy tune.

"Dum de dum, de dum
bibbity boppity poop
iptee ooptee doop
dee yada da dadda da plop..."

He meets up with his idiot nephew. "Here ya go Lad, I bought ya a present!" Jimmy likes presents indeed. He tears it open with vigor.

Jimmy wonders what the gleaming object is. "Ya like that, son?" asks George.

Jimmy inspects it with acute animal senses. "That's your first knife, boy! All red-blooded nincompoops need a sharp object to carry around with 'em!"
Jimmy tests it's wind shearing weight.
He's getting a feel for it! George slyly coughs "A-heh-ahem!"

"I gotta another present for ya!" he sings...

To be continued....