Friday, February 05, 2010

Slab's First Fist 18 - Finale - Help Raise an Orphaned Plant Fetus

Big John drops a brand new DB shirt on Bobby.

It fits like a second skin! Bobby has bully armor!
Always the gentleman, Big John offers the lad his glasses that got knocked off during the healthy young scuffle.
He gives the little fatty a pat on his brush cut. Bobby's proud chest swells with bacon fat. Donald assumes his fight poses for the photographers.
"You will never again have to take any crap from bullies when you wear your official Donald Bastard shirt!" promises McCarthy.
"...And all you bloggers out there who afraid to go outside in bright daylight! Now you can! Just buy your own Donald Bastard shirt and you too can be a badass!"
"What do we say, guys?"
"No more more crap!"

The heroic flower that selflessly tore his roots from the life-giving dirt and gave us this wonderful story twist gasps valiantly, "My job is done here"
As he drops to join the eternity of forgotten heroes, his young wife promptly loses her mind. "Who will raise my child?" she screams in anguish. Mr. Annelid comforts her but keeps his reproductive band at a decent distance (for now).

Help the young widow raise her unborn child in a decent lawn and never take any crap from teachers, bullies, forest rangers or any other scary figures of authority again!

Wear your own Donald Bastard shirt and FEAR NOTHING!

Donald Bastard