Saturday, July 01, 2006

Falling Hare - "What am I doing!?!?!" Mckimson subtle and wild

Here's more amazing animation by Bob McKimson while being directed by Bob Clampett.
(The close up of Bugs is animated by Bill Melendez-I think it's the first scene he animated for Clampett, before that he was Rod Scribner's assistant!)

Most of the McKimson scene is subtle until Bugs says "What am I doing!?". Then obviously, Clampett had to draw extremes for McKimson, because there is no way in Hell McKimson would ever draw anything that exaggerated on his own. Check out his own cartoons if you don't believe me!

Even while animating such a wide open mouth, he still manages to make it look really solid.

What a team!

If you only knew how I envy the working situation of the 1940s.

I would die to make some full animation with all the animators in the next room where I could milk them for everything they don't even know they are capable of!

I have done it a bit here and there, where budget allowed, like on a couple Old Navy commercials and I got to direct Jessica Borutski, a great animator in Canada on some scenes in Stimpy's Pregnant and Naked Beach Frenzy.

Mark Kausler also did some great custom animation in Stimpy's Invention-he did the butt dance (Stimpy on the floor bouncing his butt cheeks) during the Happy Happy Joy Joy song.

Greg Manwaring animated some killer scenes in commercials for me. - Sody Pop jumping in the air and yelling "Wow, Psycho!"

Chuck Gammage animated the little girl in the Flare Jeans commercial.
I like to work with stars.

I want more!!

Do you?