Sunday, July 23, 2006

Success At Comicon

We drove down Friday night and Marc booked us at the lovely and inviting "N****r Rape Inn" in El Centro. Marlo had a refreshing night's sleep wrapped in cigarette soakened sheets, while horny men who recently have been given voting rights scratched at her door all night long looking for a little home-style unwilling affection.

Next morning we raced over to the con.

We did a signing in Autograph Alley from 11-2:30.

There was a huge line up of fans.

I did a drawing for every one and we sold tons of Lost Episodes DVDs.

Marlo and Eric also did lots of drawings for the fans and Jim Smith made a surprise appearance to kiss everyone in line.

Then! Robert Smigel, the master of Triumph the Insult Comic Wonder Pup was doing a signing at the table next to me and he came running over for a man hug and to get a sketch.

I drew Ren and Stimpy with Stimpy manipulating a Triumph puppet. Just a couple weeks ago, Mike Fontanelli, Eddie and I watched the Triumph DVD and laughed our asses off so this was a real thrill. (Although my usually tasteful and perceptive assistant Marc who comes from a long line of Usureres was not impressed with what he calls a technologically primitive presentation of puppet articulation. He only likes puppets that are so real that they can make him cry.) Well Triumph makes me cry-with laughter!

Like an idiot, I forgot to get a photo of us together to show off to everyone. Now you think I am a dirty Liar. Maybe Robert will post the drawing so I can steal it and put it here.

I talked to Robert and suggested he help me write some George Liquor cartoons for straight to video and he said he loved George Liquor.

Who would love to see that collaboration?

We just missed Borat! We heard he was there Friday! Damn!

In the afternoon we did more signings at the Every Picture Tells a Story booth in the exhibitor's room and that was another non stop marathon of sweaty, meaty and eager for cartoon love fans.

There were even some fans yelling because we arrived late because of the overflow of fans in autograph alley earlier.

Nico-one of my smartest commenters and who helped me put up some cartoon clips a while ago ws there and I drew his perfect head. Share it with us, man!

Katie Goddess Rice was there drawing the world's cutest girls for everybody and taking photos of the best comicon bodies-maybe she'll let me post them here so you can see all the perfect flesh that was created in God's image.

We sold out of the Lost Episodes and the first 2 box sets of Ren and Stimpy. For some reason we couldn't sell any of the second Games box set. I can't imagine why not.

We met Rebecca Sugar, an animation student with crazy talent and I will link to her site later to make all the rest of you young cartoonist buggers sick with envy.Why all of a sudden are all the girls the best cartoonists?? Maybe because all the guys are now drawing in that faggy Cal Arts flat phony ass Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network style.

Jeff Goddamn Pidgeon showed up and said hi! He was my main designer for Bakshi's Mighty Mouse and is now a big shot at Pixar.

Anyone who was there, please post the drawings we did for you and I will put them up here and link to you!

Thanks to all the fans who made our day sweaty and filled with riches of adulation!

If you didn't make it to the Con, you didn't have as much fun as we did!

Your pal,
John K.