Friday, July 07, 2006

George Liquor is a good salesman

George Liquor is the world's greatest pitch person.

He can sell products like no other republican before him!

Here watch him sell you rock music-something which he hates even more than pre-marital sex!

Be honest, you're dying to run out to Tower and buy cds now, aren't you?

If you are a sponsor and want people to actually watch your commercials, rather than fast forwarding through them, then hire my cartoon characters to sell your products.

All my characters are complete capitalists and will sell their own mothers just to get in front of an audience!

BTW, isn't Mike Pataki (George's voice) great?!

I was thinking of using stock animation (like in this commercial) to get George to read passages from the bible and put them up every few days.
Would you like that?

Who loves Mike Pataki's acting?
Tell him in the comments!

Pataki trivia: He was the meanest Klingon in "Trouble With Tribbles".