Thursday, July 27, 2006

San Francisco Show this weekend, meet and greet + cartoons

Here's a review of the show!
Candice Ate My Shit Up!

Hey, I'm gonna show lots of funny cartoons this weekend at the Castro theatre, cartoons that not only have funny situations and funny dialogue, but where the drawings and motions themselves are funny!


Read more about the show here!
After you see the show, then next time you are watching cartoons that don't look funny, go to this article and scream in the comments!
When you get to the show,
look for this guy.
I promise to button my shirt; it was hot at the Comicon...

3 Big Cartoon Shows and a Museum Appearance!

Friday, July 28th - adult show at 8pm
Saturday, July 29th - kids show at 2pm
Saturday, July 29th - adult show at 7pm

The Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street @ Market St.
San Francisco

John Kricfalusi is bringing armloads of cartoon fun to cover the tastes of every living being in San Francisco.


Museum meet and greet:

The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is hosting a presentation by John Kricfalusi this weekend.

The presentation at the Cartoon Art Museum will allow Kricfalusi's fans to hear about his twisted animation experiences and meet the man himself in a unique meet-and-greet event, and give attendees a chance to ask questions or have their DVDs signed by this off-the-wall and talented artist. Visitors will also have the opportunity to win free screening tickets for the showing at the Castro Theatre that evening. Kricfalusi will also be donating a piece of his original art to the Cartoon Art Museum's permanent collection. This event is free and open to the public, and co-presented by The Castro Theatre.

Maybe if you get there in time I will draw you a picture like the ones above.

Buy "REN & STIMPY: THE LOST EPISODES" from Amazon here!


JohnK said...

I thought we might start clean and talk about the cartoons I will be showing and the museum fun.

This really isn't a good place to talk about adult swim. I'll bet there are a million sites where you can.

Anyway this weekend will be fun (I'm gonna show some surprise stuff that no one has seen)and laughs, so I hope some of you can make it.

Or invite me to your town.

Marc Deckter will be coming with me too-hey Marc, add a link to your cartoon site here!

On my way...

lastangelman said...

You're invited to Dallas anytime. I'm currently putting together a show with assistance of the Dallas Video Festival featuring the video work of San Francisco art band The Residents. I'd be tickled if we could do a show with you not only about you and your cartoons, more like an extension of your webblog where we show other great cartoons (and other not so great cartoons) and you talk, take questions , and demonstrate what makes some cartoons greater, funnier, etc, than others.

Anonymous said...

So......if and when Hollywood decides to make a live action Ren & Stimpy, my vote for the leads has to be Steve Buscemi and John C. Reilly.

Jesse Oliver said...

Hi John

I have a question about the "Altruists" cartoon.

Who did the close-up drawing of Stimpy before it cuts to Ren saying "Shame on you! Clean that shit up!"?

that is my favorite drawing of Stimpy in that cartoon

Anonymous said...

Come to Cleveland Goddamn it!

Jesse Oliver said...

Hey John

I wish that you would be invited to New York or Baltimore MD!

I really would love to meet you in person. You make the best cartoons ever! You are the reason why I want to make my own cartoon films. I LOVE Ren & Stimpy!

If you make more R & S cartoons in the future could you make more R & S episodes with George Liquor? George Liquor is the BEST character for Ren & Stimpy. I really want to see "Wilderness Adventure" be in the works for your next cartoon film.

I really wish that I could be in San Francisco to meet you.

your biggest fan


Louisa The Last said...

Sorry for contributing to the off-topicness earlier.

A question I asked that didn't get answered, though...

Will the content of the show that's not on DVD already be available to us unlucky non-Californians sometime in the near future? I'd be especially interested in getting some of the kid stuff, since I have a 5 year old son who loves cartoons.

Although...I do second the motion for a Dallas show. I live in Fort Worth, myself.

j9 said...

i wasn't off topic when i said to bring your jacket. it really is freaking cold here. i am excited to see you and i got my ticket already!

Jeremiah said...

I'd love to get you up here to Seattle.

I'm new to the area, but I'll be looking into theaters and see if anyone's interested.

:: smo :: said...

haha good call john!

will you be showing that unedited sequence of the hotdog and bun from ripping friends?

would you do a show in new york city? i'm going to talk to asifa east and the MoCCA...

JohnK said...


would you do a show in new york city? i'm going to talk to asifa east and the MoCCA...<<


Marc is working on the hot dog and bun dilemma

Franky said...

Hey John,
Would you be interested in bringing your show to the Darris Theater in Boonton, NJ? It's one of the oldest theaters in NJ. I can easily set something up there. I can talk to some friends around NYC and see if we can set something up here too. What will it take?
Best of luck on your show this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I have no means of getting to that art show. I'm always skeptical about these things, like if I go to get my back signed and the creator of the show I really adore turns out out to be a total deusche bag.
I'm going to see if there's any way I can download the lost episodes. I seen one where this fat hairy dude had a dump in a toilet, it wouldn't flush and stimpy (tm) had to plunge it out- the end result of the turd was a sausage like state- grotesquely funny. Fu ck Canada.

Anonymous said...

Back to drawing hands. Those digits on that mexican dude in beach frenzy were horrible.

Duck Dodgers said...


can you give us an update about the sales of the RASAPC DVD ?

Any chance you will be able to make new Ren and Stimpy episodes??

David Germain said...

Hey, my post disappeared. :O

Oh well. Good luck in San Francisco. There's a song that suggests that you wear flowers in your hair when you go, but I think it's a little dated now.

Anonymous said...

"Back to drawing hands. Those digits on that Mexican dude in beach frenzy were horrible."

On the contrary, those hands were wonderful. They had reservoir tips for god's sake. You can't beat fingers with reservoir tips!
Embrace the odd,touch the different, tongue kiss the strange.

You'll see how great they look on the big screen if you go to SF show.

Anonymous said...

I went to a couple places in town to buy the DVD today, and it was SOLD OUT, and I ended up buying the last copy at Target.

I really hope it sells enough to make some new episodes... I've watched Naked Beach Frenzy and Stimpy's Pregnant and they're both absolutely brilliant. You guys really figured it out after a couple rough ones in the beginning of the run.

ncross said...

"Back to drawing hands. Those digits on that Mexican dude in beach frenzy were horrible."

Blame Jose, they really look like that...btw he's Nicaraguan.

Cindy Dove Harper said...

Holy crap. I bought the lost episodes today and have only watched the first disc so far but damn this shit is good!!! Wow is all I can say! This so rocks, its even better than I thought it would be. Good job Johnny boy and the crew composed mostly of hot chicks!!

Come back to Atlanta, havent seen ya in...... holy shit 11 years almost! I wasn't even legal then. Uh oh!!!

Again, awesome dvd. I'm gonna convince everyone I know to buy it, tee hee!

Jorge Garrido said...

> I thought we might start clean and talk about the cartoons I will be showing and the museum fun.

I forgot what happened here, was there a fight? Oh wait, I remember now.

>Blame Jose, they really look like that...btw he's Nicaraguan.

Maybe Mr. Pou is, but that dude was obviously hawaiian and mexican, that was no nicaraguan accent. He was HILARIOUS though.

I wonder what ethnicity Mexican Elvis was? I'm guessing...gentile.

>Or invite me to your town.

Hook up with Rregg Hharrrrtt to do a show in Torronto. Bring your carrtune pals!

DUCK WALK rules!

Mike S. said...

Holy crap, the show tonight was awesome!.

Please, come back to SF w/ some Looney Tunes and Three Stooges. And some other of your cartoons of course!

Yesmar said...

JohnK, you rocked our socks! Thanks for sharing you amazing cartoons with us! Please come back soon and do it some more. Oh yeah, definitely produce more music videos! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

it would be cool to go...

Brent Engstrom said...

Hey John. I missed you at the Comic Con. I'm sure you get sent links all the time asking to check out comics and crap... Here's another one.

I drew it a few years ago, around the time, Ren And Stimpy were on Spike T.V.! I think you might like it. If you do, I can send you another link to some of my newer stuff.
I just got the lost episodes and I'm loving every minute of it!


Eric C. said...



I would say the BEST REN & STIMPY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again John, I apoligize for cridicizing the trailers before seeing the actual episodes. Please forgive me.

I wonder what your animation would be 30 years from now? You are truely changing the world of entertainment as we know it.

And your right, this does act like The Three Stooges. Boy, you've proved me wrong.

I have a question, what Carbuckle or Big Star for The Adult Partys?

I'm very interested.


Marc Deckter said...

Jorge Garrido said...
DUCK WALK rules!

Thanks Jorge!

cableclair said...

*bawl* I got halfway through the DVD set when my DVD player crapped up. It seems to be overheated. (was it the hot chicks? who knows).

John! Very welcome to come to Amsterdam. Dutchies love your stuff.

SNKFan said...

I just can't believe that thoes bastards at NICKELODEON took away Ren and Stimpy from you!

Anyway I hope you take your revenge on NICK for what they did to your cartoon!

Trust me, John.

mikecarloooyeah said...

Hey I know that guy, I belive that's TOM SMOLENSKI! Hilarious.

rodineisilveira said...

Hello, Johnny K.!

I was seeing this scene from Boo Boo Gets Wild (1999), where Ranger Smith begs to Yogi, saying: "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease...", something cames on my mind. Seeing Mr. Ranger with this begging face, it makes me remind from the Mad Hatter, drawn by sir John Tenniel on the Lewis Carroll's book, Alice on the Wonderland.
Doesn't this look like a coincidence?
Send your commentaries about it.
Well, that's it!

Cheers from Brazil, of this guy who always writes 4 U,

Rodinei Campos da Silveira