Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hubley Commercial: Bird


The design in this is not too thrilling, but the animation is great!

Hey, wanna see Scribner where he really belongs? With Clampett?
Go to the most thoughtful blog in the world and see Eddie's most sensitive raw and naked post yet!




Gabriel said...

I think you don't talk enough about animation itself on your blog. It's great when you do, though. I always point people to your site, but they're not always familiar with some technical aspects (last time a friend asked me what you meant by 'uneven inbetweens').

Chris_Garrison said...

I remember seeing that letters-for-mouths trick on Beany and Cecil (except it was F-O-O-D instead of F-O-R-D). Which came first? Was Clampett doing a take-off on the Ford commercial?

fabiopower said...

In Chile in this moment rain.
In Chile also there's animation.
But is only the beginning

Thomas said...

'That 'letters for mouths' bit was around in the fifties, and probably much earlier. Tom Terrific often popped the letters "TV" visually onto his lips as he spoke them, when referring to television. That kind of thing keeps Gene Deitch, sitting in Prague, amused to this day.

Anonymous said...

Nice animation, but I like the design of this bird better than the previous ttwo UPA Scribner clips you postded. I like the eyes!

David Nethery said...

"Was Clampett doing a take-off on the Ford commercial?"

Chris Garrison -

Yes, the "It's a F-O-R-D !" ad campaign for Ford automobiles (directed by Hubley) came first and the Beany & Cecil show was spoofing that well-known ad.

It's A F-O-R-D ad on YouTube

Kali Fontecchio said...

Scribner is a pretty talented man- both of the examples show just how versatile he is (and how skilled). Those Porky frames kill me!!! Every frame makes me chuckle! Look what Clampett can get out of his animators! Simply remarkable.

Eddie is also an exemplary man who should be praised (thus photo)!

Clinton said...

Explain to me how Scribner didn't need inbetweens. I have the Looney Tunes DVDs with some his shorts. I try to copy his poses on paper but i still feel the urge to tween the poses.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

LOL! Thanks for the compliment and double thanks for helping me with the pictures!