Friday, June 29, 2007

Bill Tytla - Terrytoons - mouse slaps lion's face



Anonymous said...

Tytla draws the best drunk animations EVER! makes me thirsty for some beer with martini chasers. i gotta work on some cute drunk characters.

Kelly Toon said...

Oh gosh!!! What a cutie patootie, very charmingly sloshed :) Tough to pull off cute, drunk, and proud all at once :) That lion is out cold. *snaps at his eyelid*


Rose said...

that was horribly adorable

there's something about the eyelid part i just loved, and the way the lion starts wiggling his nose around

Mike said...

I love that old eyelid gag.

Mike said...


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Robert said...

Here's a question for any film historians and/or drinkers out there... How did the movie cliche that drunks always "hiccup" get started? I've been drunk, I've been with drunks, I've watched drunks while I wasn't drunk... I've NEVER seen a drunk do a hiccup ever! Was alcohol somehow different in its effects back then? Is the hiccup a polite symbol for something more wretched, like vomiting. I can't figure it out.

Critterz Corner said...

Tytla was great, I have all of his Terrytoons stuff. I also enjoy beer, and getting slapped.

Great Blog!