Friday, April 11, 2008

Hillary Sculpt By Arshak

Jim Smith and I designed this little item for lovers of democracy and despisers of misogyny everywhere.Well, she survived Monica and Bosnia and now is perfectly preserved in a rubber squeaky toy.

This is proof that she's really made it to the big leagues.

She is further honored by having internationally renowned sculptor Arshak Nazarian create a graven image of her. Arshak comes from a long line of Armenian sculptors, each one a revered master.

Arshak left his own body and entered Hillary's home at 3 in the morning to devour her very soul. He sucked it out and transferred it to clay so you and your loved ones could be protected when that hideous phone call comes. (As long as you buy the toy)
So now I have to design the box she comes in.
I need some jokes to put on the box.
If you have any funny ideas you'd like me to steal send 'em along. (Please not dirty!)

Trevor has already stepped ahead of the pack of cartoon writers with a handsome list of gags in the comments. Can you match his pointed wit?
These could be the hips that envelop and succor all us helpless children of the world. Are we ready for so much selfless love?

This is part of an ambitious toy project sponsored by a benevolent Texas Billionaire whose identity must remain secret in order to protect his loved ones. But feel free to thank his secret identity in the comments.