Thursday, April 24, 2008

Humpty Dumpty Magazine - Dan Lawler Illustrations

Here are some paintings by Dan Lawler.
Not only is the technique beautiful, the character designs are great too!
I wonder if he had anything to do with animation.
Too bad some dirty little kid got ahold of these and scribbled all over 'em! He needs a little discipline to beget love.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding, John? It's a grand old tradition of comic book collectors that when you buy an old comic you see all the really old drawings nd writings on it from years past.

There's nothing that makes me more wistful then when I see an application a little boy filled out for Sea Monkeys 50 years ago. That kid must be 60 years old now.

Name: Timmy, Age 8

Address: 345 Main Street, Hamilton, Ont

Phone: TREE-345

One 6th month subscription to Space Western Comics

Please cut out and send. No xerox accepted.

Or when you see a kid who drew in a character on the "Draw me" grids or cut out his box top contest form for a toy gun or a beanie cap.

Michael Polvani said...

AAH! Those are great!
Thanks AGAIN for posting the most inspiring goodies on the net.
Is this the same artist that was famous for the series of monkey illustrations for calendars, etc. or am I getting my wires crossed?

JonnyPlank said...

Are you serious? this is hardly pretty, man! This is the exact style that creeped me out when I was little. It still creeps me out. Something's just a little "off" about them. Particularly Humpty. That is a terrifying smile.

mike f. said...

[He needs a little discipline to beget love.]

I'LL do it!

Heather Chavez said...

Kids and crayons can be deadly to collectables

Kali Fontecchio said...

I like these a lot.

Hryma said...

Maybe the kid loved them soooo much he was trying to copy the style by tracing it?

Sadly yes it was over the top and his motor skills were crap but maybe he is 60 now and he can paint brilliantly, I hope, might make them more valuable.

We've all done it.
They're Awesome!

Colter said...

Definitely some nice illustration on those books. Little creepy, but good.

It would be amusing to have someone actually pursue the kid, now adult that scribbled on these and scold him.

Vanwall said...

"I was born when he scribbled on me. I died when he forgot me. I lived a few days while he loved me." The short, happy life of childhood ephemera was never really meant for later, was it?

Bitter Animator said...

I'm with Mr.Plank on this. I just find these creepy. These would have scared the bejesus out of me as a kid. That filthy laughing egg... there's something not right about him. Not right at all.

Jeff Read said...

Humpty-Dumpty's mouth is going to give me nightmares till the end of time.

Especially that first pic, in which it appears to be covered with the blood of his last victim.

Soos said...

Fantastic techniques, the sled one especially is really cute. Humpty Dumpty himself, however, is a disgrace to God.

Captain Napalm said...

I have a question that doesn't really fit anywhere specific: Was there a certain effect (digital or otherwise) which you used to make Stimpy's melted body look the way it does as it drips from Liquor's hands in "Man's Best Friend"? I just watched it and I noticed that it looks REALLY different from anything else in the whole series.

limaCAT said...

Are there other drawings by Dan Lawler on the net? After a quick google I only found other Humpty Dumpty images :)

Spizzerinktum said...

I'm another scaredy-cat about Humpty. He gave me nightmares. But the other critters are wonderful, especially that Wood Duck, or Merganser or whatever it's supposed to be. Damned fine skunk, too. But a mammoth egg wearing clothes, running things, always with that gaping maw, well... that was just too much for this kid. Also, it just made no sense for an egg to be so much bigger than everybody else (never mind the clothes and the talking). I couldn't see the logic. What animal could have crapped out an egg that large?

Maybe that was what I was actually afraid of: Humpty's mother.

Elisson said...

Jeez, I remember that magazine...and Children's Digest, which was for kids a few years older.

I used to draw animated cartoons in the margins, turning the magazines into flipbooks. Simple stories: monster chases guy, monster catches guy, monster eats guy, monster pukes. No wonder I'm twisted today.

Katie said...

Hi -- Dan Lawler is my uncle. He's still alive and kickin' (he's 90 now). I don't think he did any animation. In addition to the Humpty Dumpty covers I know he did illustrations for Parents Mag and Readers Digest.