Sunday, October 12, 2008

Help Me Fix The Economy

Here is what a true patriot looks like.
Matt is doing his part to get money flowing through our constipated economy. He bought all 3 of my new Presidential candidate toys. If everyone did this you'd see the stock market go up again and the world would be saved! Look at the sheer satisfaction these toys have brought this proud American who doesn't let the politics of fear guide his wallet.Matt says: "I just received the presidential toys in the mail.
They are seriously the best designed toys I've ever seen.
Great job and thanks!

If anyone is still contemplating ordering these, do it!
They are the best thing to come out since rubber nipples."

World famous Pixar artist Jeff Pidgeon bought them and took a picture of his candidate for us. If they're good enough for Pixar, they will be almost as good for you. Thanks Jeff!

Vince says: "I received some cool stuff yesterday: your Political Candidates Vinyl Toy Collection!

I'm amazed at the amount of detail and beautiful painting on these items, John.

The metallic accents are solid in color saturation and expertly placed.

Love the over-sprays, especially on Obama's face and McCain's liver spots.

Hilary's hair coloring, eye make-up and rosy cheeks are perfect, and the use of 'flocking' on her pantsuit is a masterstroke.
These toys are modern masterpieces created with good old-fashioned quality. Great concepts, design, sculpts and production. I hope they are hugely successful. Kudos to you and your team."

Buy them here!

And then send me your picture and I'll post it for the whole world to see.


diego cumplido said...
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Toole said...

Here's what a patriot looks like.

Pete Emslie said...

Hey John,

Unfortunately, your fellow Canuckistans cannot help out in restoring the American economy by buying your latest crap. I tried to order them a few days ago but it turns out that they still are not able to ship 'em up here to Canada. I reckon I'll never know the sheer joy of owning Hillary in one of her seriously flocked pantsuits....(sigh)

craigp said...

you forgot to mention the packaging which is covered in fun Spumco drawings!

(everyone keep their fingers crossed for a George Liquor toy)

Ebbe said...

First, I guess.

The toys are insanely awesome, and I'd get them all immediately if I hadn't just spent the last two months shooting all my money into your failing american economy on an epic coast to coast Mustang drive.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Vincent Waller said...

I got mine!
They are extra fancy nice.

Taco Wiz said...

I like plush toys better than hard figures that can't be squeezed. I'm not sure about buying these.

Ben Forbes said...
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Vince M. said...

Boy, this is a pretty tough crowd today, John. Too bad about the "can't ship to Canada"-thing. With your international reach your product needs to be available worldwide. Have you thought about using an additional Fullfillment House?

Sven Hoek said...

Hey John,

You need a permanent link to the toys on the top of your website. I'm going to order them today but I had to go back a few pages to find the link to them.

Love ya.
Your biggest fan (after stephen worth)


trevor said...

(everyone keep their fingers crossed for a George Liquor toy)

Don't you mean a NEW George Liquor toy?

Call me perverted, but I'm still waiting on the proposed Sody dolls which have realistic feeling breasts and a voice box which says when you touch them, "My father's a cop".

Was that just a joke or did something happen with them?

- trevor.

Bob said...

I am still waiting for mine!


But soon I think I shall have them and I will get other friends of mine to pose with the toys as well.

kris.w said...

dude! i wish i could buy that Obama sculpt sooo bad. perhaps i'll have to sell a couple more of my sketchbooks, and then i'll be good to go!

until then, i've passed on photos and links to those i know would love this stuff.

oh, and do you have any more Log briefs in stock?

The Butcher said...

I still say you need to make a Sody Real Doll. I would definetly save up for that, and make good use of it.

Marlo Meekins said...

They look perfect! we all agree

Rare Hero said...

I bought an Obama! If you make Sarah Palin w/ a baby that looks like Jimmy, I'll buy that too!!!

Iaoai said...

Hey John,

Long time reader, first time poster, but since getting these toys, I can no longer remain silent. They are so amazing, that if this does not save America, I dare say that we may be beyond help!

Anonymous said...

Send 'em up here to Canada!

Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hey, John!
I finished photographing the Hillary toy today. She looks great, too!:

Feel free to share it - I'll post it on Amazon!

Pat McMicheal said...

Too bad there wasn't enough time to produce a Sarah Palin Toy!!!! I wonder what you would have done with her!

Vince M. said...

Okay, buddy, the photo and a plug for your vinyls are on my blog.

Vince M. said...

John K said:
"Hey didn't we meet at a toy show last year?"

I think we ran into each other a few years ago at one of the Toy Shows in either Glendale or Pasadena.

But we've had lunch together in the late '90s with Ruth Clampett and my team of illustrators from the old WB Stores. If I remember correctly, that same day you were also gracious enough to give us a tour of the old Spumco Studio on, I believe Melsose, near Paramount.

I remember seeing an early cut of the Bjork video and being blown away.

Grant said...

They look fantastic! Love to seem they animated