Monday, October 06, 2008

Some inks from fans and crew

Kevin made a hip new stressed image of Donald Bastard, ready for a T Shirt

David took a few liberties with my vague scribbles.
David redrew Jimmy's head and evened it all out for me.

The George Liquor Show has been pushed back by the sponsor for awhile, but I will put up some more stuff to keep your appetites whetted. It's being animated by my pals at Copernicus.


Bitter Animator said...

Congrats to Murray and the Copernicus crew. This must be an exciting project. I'm very curious about how it will turn out and look forward to the results.

Michael Turek said...

what will the final product be? a pilot? a few episodes?

Jake the Animator said...

seeing these doodles cleaned up is quite a sight.
sorry to hear about the show being pushed back. I'll have my fingers crossed for ya.
p.s. - the museum of the 3 stooges -

JohnK said...

it's a few episodes, but they may be going to TV also

jhbmw007 said...

Pushed back? Man that sucks. Us cartoon lovers are craving for some real entertainment- instead we get this:

trevor said...

Thanks John! I want that Donald Bastard shirt.

What's the process like from Copernicus' standpoint? Do they take the inks you've done in Illustrator and animate in Flash, or do they go straight from the layout drawings?

Do you still do animatics?

I just finished my first animatic ever, and someone asked me if they were still necessary and realized I didn't have an answer.

- trevor.

Anonymous said...

great stuff, john! can't wait!

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Good stuff Dave! Keep it up!.,

Taco Wiz said...

Will they be on the Pontiac site? This blog? A website that has yet to be released? Also, exactly HOW far is this being pushed back? I'm going to explode if it's later than Christmas.

SoleilSmile said...

Sad. I was looking forward to seeing more of Sody. There will be an episode where she teaches George some manners, right?

Could you upload some rough layouts for us to practice on? That would be most smurfy:)

Phantom Spitter said...

I've never seen a hat like the one Donald Bastard wears. It looks like a shrunken Popeye hat with a bone sticking out of it, with beard stubble. What's the name for that type of hat, really?

Anonymous said...

Like Bitter said, congrats to the guys at Copernicus!

The first time I saw "Close But No Cigar" (and possibly some of those Tenacious D vids), I had no idea it was in Flash. The guys at Copernicus are amazing at disgusing it. I can't wait to see how this'll shape up.

If it goes to TV, the revolution shall begin.

akira said...

rats! i hope they're not waiting for the economy to turn around before airing them or it may be a LOOOONG time... do you have a tentative date???? man i can't wait.. if they put them up soon i'll buy a car!

p.s. where on tv????? i can't wait the drawings look so cool and enticing.. i like the milt caniff character that would be hilarious seeing him interacting with george, man i can't wait!

The Butcher said...

Why is there nothing funnier to me than the idea of grabbing a duck by it's scrawnny little neck? The sound, the way the duck looks...just the very idea of it makes me hysterical.

Nikita said...

I'm guessing my sketch was pretty bad.

nice ones man!

kris.w said...

great inks! i know i'd buy the Donald Bastard shirt..

Zoran Taylor said...

"it's a few episodes, but they may be going to TV also."

Let me get this straight: Here's a blog that has a loyal following and gets tons of comments on virtually every post, and now John has just let the biggest, craziest, most unbelievably awesome cartoon cat out of the bag, and EVERYONE STOPS COMMENTING? What's going on here? Is nobody other than myself really, REALLY exited about this possibility??! Yeesh, you'd think cartoon fans would be known for their enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

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TacoTheSmurf said...

Donald Bastard...what a name.

Rodrigo said...

Hey John,

So forgive me, but this is not related to your post. I wanted your perspective on something related to story telling. (maybe a future post, perhaps?)

At the CG school I attend, my teacher has been talking about story-telling and really trying to press on us how important it is to have a theme and a moral and a character who's changed for the better. I have no problem with the notion of theme, but he makes it seem like a moral is vital.

As a result, everyone in the class is scared stiff trying to make their short film meaningful and profound/clever, but I think this whole notion is ridiculous.

I'm personally against the idea that a good story has to follow this criteria, as some of my favorite pieces of entertainment are not preoccupied with teaching the audience who they should be. In fact, I abhor films that get pretentious in that respect.

It does seem that all too often modern CG films do try to slip in some morality or touching sentiment, and this often makes me squirm in my seat.

I ask your perspective on this, because it seems to me that good story tellers often don't fret over whether or not they're saying something profound. I'd say that if anything, a profound statement should only be a by product of who the artist is. If it gets in there cool beans, but if the animation served it's purpose and thoroughly held your attention & entertained you, even cooler beans.

Anyway, this is at a school where folks want to one day work for the likes of Pixar, Dreamworks, etc, and I'm trying to retain my perspective amidst all these messages we're getting bombarded with.

Colin said...

Adult Swim or Comedy Central?

David Germain said...

The George Liquor Show has been pushed back by the sponsor for awhile,

Lousy sponsor. I'll buy their product and then just spit on it. >:P

I hope the show turns out well.

hulk27 said...

one question john, maybe this can be a blog entry or something, i just wanted to know how do you integrate the inked work from illustrator into flash with out there being millions of pieces in different instances and two do you set up you flash files like the studios or do you use flash more in a traditional manner, mainly keeping every thing on ones or two on the main time line. I want to ink a client's characters in illustrator and use a studio hierarchy set up, almost like puppetry, but the inked art isn't easy to modify, or may be I'm doing some thing wrong if you can under stand what I'm talking about I would greatly appreciate the help.

thank you.

Fabian Gordillo said...

Hace rato que quería escribirte para felicitate por tu blog, pero me decidá ahora para también agradecerte por el post que hablas acerca de los estereotipos, no tienes idea lo humillante que resulta convivir con ese tipo de ignorancia acerca de las diferentes culturas por parte de los paises lideres que no entienden de matices ni de costumbres mas alla de sus fronteras. Vivo y trabajo en Argentina, sería un honor poder poner un lik de tu blog en el mío.
Un abrazo, Fabián.

TP said...

I would like the duck more if his right arm were curved (ie: rubber hose arm, no elbow joint) and also it had a sleeve like the other arm. Also, his Left foot is wierd / doesn't look right... maybe if it pointed more towards the camera and was foreshortened?
I really like the face though, and love the ballsack hat!

Anonymous said...

I can fully enjoy the inking of pictures since I have done a few and i realized its an art form in itself just to get pefect lineing and thickness. :)

Have you ever made a tutorial on flash , I would truly enjoy reading it if you did.

I am currently going to try to make a music video out of a song created by weird al or tenaciousD.

any advice on flash making music videos/lipsyncing ,you could give us would be greatly apprciated.

thanks again im awating more of your posts,keepin me motivated.