Saturday, November 01, 2008

Funny Pictures


Ben Forbes said...

Thats an awesome Cigarettes the Cat sculpt!

James said...

I love Cigarettes the Cat on the bottom picture. Your Clampett styled cats are always cool.

Ohh and last night on Cartoon Network they played Boo-Boo Runs Wild. It was the first time I've seen it in about 5 years so it was just really great to see.

Nicolas Martinez said...

Wow!! A Cigarettes the Cat Toy??!
I can't wait to see the finished model!

HemlockMan said...

Not sure what the last one is, but it's definitely funny.

Eugenio Enrique Herrera Pérez said...

Hey John! I'm pleasantly impressed by the whole Awesome stuff that I see here! very well done, congrats man! with very very humility, ask you to look at my blog, and give me your comment, of the way that this is..Thanks!



Pete Emslie said...

I love that original art from "A Man Called Flintstone", which I suspect is a storybook illustration. Any info on who did it, John? It looks like it may have been one of the Willie Ito/ Ron Dias collaborations.

Deniseletter said...

Do You have more art of"A Man Called Flintstone" to post?I miss this good film.

Nicol3 said...

Did 'ol Cig drop the soap?

Fred looks like he's off to a gang rape.

Mike Tucker said...

Hello John,

I have been rummaging through your archives here on this blog. Thank you for all the enlightenment. I even found a copy of the Blair book, and I feel all this art I've applied over the past 20 years has been chunked out of the window.
I'm starting to apply the new found knowledge into my new projects and designs.

Again, thanks a heap, and Keep It a comin' !!

junior1989 said...

Hi Mr. Krisfaluci My name is Carlos Ruano and I am one of your long time fans (as everyone must tell you) I currently live in Texas and go to school and study animation. Thank you for your blog with all the pricelesss knowlege. I cant imagine how you find the time to post such informative posts on such a daily basis, its increidible! Well I usually dont have time to blog much but I always read YOURS every week. Given my circumstances I never left the state of Texas but I was given a great opportunity recently to Go to LA on Nov. 6-9 and am extremely excided and greatful. But today I read your blog and found out that yesterday you were going to be at a comic shop were anyone could go and MEET YOU! I felt extremely left out and unlucky only if it would of been this coming SAT. So I figured I take a LONG shot and make a quick blog and post something... so maybe you can find in your heart and let a young guy who loves art and animation a chance to meet you this coming week between the days of 6-9.. it be and extreme honor and HUGE inspiration. Thanks hope you find the time in your busy schedule .... Carlos (just another fan crazy about cartoons)

P.S. My email is and my just
has life drawings for now but I will post all
the drawings I have done for the Preston
Blair book!

Bob said...

hey john can you do a post about bob clampett's tweety and how to draw it b/c I'm having problems getting those proportions down.

Gajonauta said...

I had never seen Fred Flinstone with a red nose before. Has he been doing cocaine or something?

Kuzey said...

Hi John, can we get a front view of that cat, that's a beautiful model.

Another thing that's funny, Yogi Bear in 3d :)

All the best,

Ronzalez said...

I had a chance to work at SpumCo back in 1993 when I graduated college, but I wasn't able to take it. Bummer.

Years later, I look back and weep like a frail little girl. I could'a been a contender.


Ray said...

is this normal? Or am i going nuts? ANyways nice info, and great site!