Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trying Ed Love's Head Bobs at Spumco

I did a couple Ranger Smith cartoons for Cartoon Network eons ago and tried using a bunch of old HB lmied animation techniques. In this scene, I used an Ed Love theory that I had seen in many Huckleberry Hound and Flintstone cartoons. This was the first time I tried it.
I created my basic 3 keys, Here's the down pose.

This is a middle pose.

Here is the up pose. - with the signature neck hotdog that Ed Love uses.

I also made inbetweens between these poses, but didn't always use them or sometimes used them as keys for lesser accents. This is an inbetween below. I tried to make it all fit the dialogue track (voiced by Steve Worth!) another inbetween...

Here's the up key again with a different mouth.
By using a small handful of head key positions and some inbetweens, you can have a big variety of expressions and levels of accents. ( I can't upload the whole scene here, because it will be too big. I'll put up 2 pieces to give you the idea.)

If you watch this scene in its entirety - I guess on TV, you can see a lot of different faces - made up of combinations of head positions and different eyes and mouths for each position and inbetween.

Next: Anthony Agrusa applies the same theory to more extreme scenes with smoother animation.