Monday, November 03, 2008

Some Caricatures From The Signing at Meltdown

Here's Gaston's, the (owner of Meltdown) kids.

There's one by Kali.

He works on American Dad. That's why he's so happy!

Here's Justin, a Canadian animator come to take our jobs from us.

more to come..


Nicol3 said...

I KNEW the American Dad staff was made up of vampires.

And I can't stress enough how much I wish I was there I wish I was there I wish I was there.

Frank Macchia said...

damn i need to get back over there lol

Sean Ward said...

Those look so great! I've still the drawing you did for me framed on my wall.

HelloMyNameIsDave said...

Thanks for the fantastic caricatures John & Kali! Good times!

HemlockMan said...

Those wily Canadians! I'll bet he speaks with a French accent!

Vincent Waller said...

Sorry I missed this and the follow up party. I am lame. :(

Super Wu-Man said...


those caricatures are more insulting then they anything, haha, i love them!

i wish i could have one done of my teeth all jacked up too, haha, that would be hilarious, i would frame it and put it on my wall, haha!!

by the way, speaking of politics and political toys, who did you vote for john?

Super Wu-Man said...

haha, i cant stop laughing at these, that one ladys face says it all, "am i supposed to be happy about this picture of me"? haha!

i would have loved to stay and watch these be made and then see peoples reactions, haha!

you are hilarious, its genius because they are getting free artwork from a great artist, so when you insult them with these horrible caricatures, they cant say anything negative, haha!!!

i would have crapped myself if i could have there all day and watched this train wreak, haha!!

love it!!!!!