Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bottled City Of Human Women



Trevor Thompson said...

Ha! I love how he throws out the ugly ones!

He throws out the ones with good personalities that like to tell you about inner-office drama and the ongoing adventures of her cats.

Kristina said...

It's cute and funny to have a bottle of human women, but the whole "discarding the ugly ones" is unnecessarily going to make a lot of little girls feel like crap. Cartoons should make people happy, right?

Mykal said...

Johnk: You draw so beautifully. -- Mykal

JohnK said...

Hi Mykal

that's a Jim Smith drawing! and yes he does

Kristina: Hmm...maybe you're right.
The gag might need a topper.

How's this?...Half Life agrees with you and tells He Hog that's shallow of him. He Hog is ashamed and says, "You're right, Half Life. Go ahead, take them out."

Half Life goes into the waste basket and is shocked to find that the girls are drawn in a terrible 70s Saturday morning cartoon style. They have tiny little flesh colored eyes. Half Life is traumatized and He Hog has to give him mouth to electron to resuscitate him.

Or... The girls escape and get revenge o He Hog by becoming super villainesses - The League of Flesh Color or something? We could show them disguising themselves by painting their eyes with "Eyestick" every morning. When they have eye-whites they are kind and normal. But once they paint them, they turn evil?

Trevor: You chauvinist!

Elana Pritchard said...

To all fellows concerned:

Cut the ladies a break! I don't see you winning any beauty contests any time soon.

Omar Momani said...

i like giants

Geneva said...

I hate to Uncle Tom out on my own sex, but I'd guess that He Hog is sort of a Spike TV/ Adult Swim type audience-oriented show, so I think the gag is fine. In fact, I sort of imagined hearing tiny horrifying screams coming from He-Hog's waste basket whilst He-Hog makes some sort of coy expression.

Kali Fontecchio said...


Hwa hwa, get it??????????

Mykal said...

Ooops - my apologies to Mr. Smith! It's Beautious! -- Mykal

Freckled Derelict said...

"begoggled snout" that is hilarious!