Friday, February 12, 2010

Will Finn at Filmation

Ram Man "surprised"
Will Finn said...

i gotta add one more memorable moment that's relevant to "on model" dogma:

my first week on HE-MAN, the cleanup crew were given model sheets of "Ram Man" where the designer had drawn his thumbs on the wrong side of his hands.

In his "full front" pose and side pose, the thumbs were right, but in the rear pose, they were drawn incorrectly, it was an obvious mistake.

When we pointed this out to the clean up supervisor, she went ashen and told us we had to follow it anyway, until the proper protocol had been addressed to look into the problem. Whenever he turned his back, we had to have "Ram Man's" thumbs inbetween around to the wrong side of his hand to be perfectly "on model."

I swear to God I am not making this up.

It took a couple of weeks, but we were eventually given new "corrected models" and the crew went into overtime to re-do all the incorrect clean up we had been doing in the interim.

Ram Man "fiercely symmetrical"

If Kafka had ever written pure farce, even he could not have topped FILMATION.

P.S. the original FAT ALBERT characters were done by some very good artists for 2 TV specials that were not done at FILMATION. These are for some reason not available and have not been aired in nearly 30 years. When the subject was sold to TV FILMATION, bastardized the models and the results were...well, typical.

Ram Man "determined"


Bazil said...

Is that last picture real? My brother screamed in terror when he saw it!

stevef said...

Ah, middle management. God love 'em. "I can't make an obvious decision. I've got to run to corporate."

Niki said...

That honestly makes me a little suicidal. I'm lucky I don't have the time to cut these wrists.

RooniMan said...

I'm completely speechless. Filmation now justed moved up on my shit list.

Max said...

ram man, defending chaffed nipples everywhere

Knuckles500 said...

What am I looking at?


Ryan said...

I'm now picturing some Bizarro John K running Filmation.

Cleanup crew is not to fix mistakes! Model sheet am always correct!

Alberto said...

I want to believe you, but that is just TOO CRAZY! Not because it's such a terrible mistake but that they made you do it anyways only to do tons of corrections later. That's not just bad art that's bad business sense.

cartoonretro said...

Typical response:

"I know the drawings, animations, and writing isn't very good, but I've seen worse and they're are some great episodes and some of the righters went on to live action and the title sequence has great drawings and the toys were cool and She-Ra was hot!"


Will Finn said...

Orko and Ram Man together at last???

As Ren Hoek once sang:


Operation GutterBall said...

Fat Albert and He-Man were great, they cranked those shows out at top speed, it's amazing they came out as good as they did. The high quality of Theatrical Warners comedy shorts, and feature animation can not be achieved in the t.v. format, especially action adventure shows.It's like making fun of a Twinkie because it's not a real cake, It's not intended to be.

Roctober Magazine Reviews: said...

I've been meaning to to compose a spirited defense of Fat Albert, in part because the designs were really good, but I had forgotten about the NBC special (it has not be re-released, but the similar "Clerow Wilson" cartoons were released as bonus material on the Best of Flip Wilson). In addition to the character designs, the stylized walking sequences and arm waving sequences after playing the dozens were two culturally specific, and funny, aspects of the show that stood up to endless cheapo looping. But I think the hip walking was a also a holdover from the original cartoon. Still, with all this, and the good voicework by Bill Cosby (and the endearingly awkward black voices done by white voice artists -- I believe Lou Scheimer and his wife) this was Filmation's best show, and I let my kids watch it today. Although we'll see how they like it after watching Mighty Mouse for the last two weeks.

The Butcher said...

Holy crap! that's an incredible story.

smackmonkey said...

I once gave a incidental background character big lobster claws. They would never have been seen behind the OL/UL space ship components in front but three different departments ground to a halt while they tried to figure out what to do. They eventually figured out who was the guilty party and I was lectured for close to an hour about my blatant disregard for the gravity of the animation industry/He-Man/other artists blah blah blah. I actually thought they were going to fire me.

dan said...

-I've been meaning to to compose a spirited defense of Fat Albert, in part because the designs were really good,

The designs in that show are horrific, as bad as anything else Filmation did. Lumpy, unconstructed and incapable of expression.

HemlockMan said...

Well the only thing I can say is the the FILMATION management asswipe is typical of company management in general. I have heard stories almost exactly the same as that one (well, they weren't doing animation) from people who worked for energy companies, trucking companies, advertising firms, delivery companies, retail establishments, etc.

It's no wonder that our capitalist system is rotten with waste and maximum thievery.

The workers should all kill and eat anyone in management. Things would then run much more efficiently.

Freckled Derelict said...

So depressing.
PS - Please show Spumco book pages!!
Are the Nick Cross gems for Children's crusade perchance?

Guy said...

Operation GutterBall: There's a rule in evolution/creationism communities that it's impossible to parody a Creationist. It's always perfectly plausible that anything you could come up with could be for real.

We should have the same thing in the animation community.

And yes, I have no idea if you're serious or not.

Jeff Overturf said...

"When we pointed this out to the clean up supervisor, she went ashen and told us we had to follow it anyway, until the proper protocol had been addressed to look into the problem."

I want the address to Proper Protocol so I can put my foot up his ass!

I hear and see this shit every day!

Pete Emslie said...

If that character design for "Ram Man" was highly cartooned, it would actually be quite funny and entertaining. As it is though, being drawn in that blandly naturalistic style Filmation was famous for, it just comes off as anatomically impossible and very unpleasant to look at. Is there room along his legs for knee joints? And just where the heck is his crotch?!!

Happy Hans said...

I think Filmation moved north to Canada and called itself Nelvana. Just a hunch.

Pokey said...

When I first saw those captions for Ram Man a long time ago, earlier this year, I thought it said "Rain Man"!

HA! PERFECTLY describes the types at Flegmation AND the networks.

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Pokey said...

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Pokey said...

Uh, OpergationGutterMan, regarding those Filmation shows at top speed and quality in the same sentence: you're kidding, right?

The little orange clay horse you see in Gumby shows.

Pokey said...

John K...:)
I found THIS on
Boy, a lot of people want a lot of trash:

Pokey said...

I'm still wondering if FIlmaiton or, to me, FUG[ly]mation went and hired the Hanna-Barbera character designers back in 1968 starting with Batman....;..JK keeeps saying that HB imitated Filmation, who did start the kids with either dog or meddling with Archie followed by Scooby-Doo junk...but as for the design, it seems HB started this with Johnny Quest in 1964, then five years later in 1969 it was establihsed by HB and "Fugmation".:)