Friday, August 06, 2010

Do Tabloids Reflect The Tastes and Beliefs Of Most People?

I think they must.

After all, they are the biggest selling magazines in existence. They are at every cash register in every supermarket.

Even I buy them. I like to draw the celebrities, but I sometimes read the articles and wonder "Do people really care about this stuff?". Even more puzzling to me are the things that the Tabloids sell to the readers: Elvis plates, Dead Babies, The Noble Wolf Painted On Sawblades, Native American Heads carved from logs and this thing:Who buys this stuff? I'd kill to see Enquirer toys and Kincaid painted candle houses in someone's house.

Do the folks at Dreamworks understand the public in the same way that the Tabloid creators do? Is that why Shrek sells?
Does the average American eat frozen meat pies off Elvis while watching Shrek the Prequel?Reborn baby doll by Genevieve Montcombroux at a Doll-ce Vita