Monday, August 09, 2010

What Do They Eat?

The colorful asses are full of superabundant love energy. Their tails gleam with magic and Ass Power(TM). But where does all this color and energy come from? From nature's generous bounty.My Little Asses eat an all natural organic diet of butterfly wings. The colors in the wings imbue the Ass-Tails with magical properties.
Sensitive Ass-nostrils seek out the tastiest wing-colors. Little hungry teeth nibble and gnaw - to the sheer delight of every girl who loves cartoon purples and pinks.
The young ones wait their turns and beg with their big hungry eyes for some delicious wing powder. The powder is sweeter than the purest honey. (They don't like the wing veins though.)
Love is everywhere.

Except on the ground where the de-winged and bewildered butterflies hop up and down, wondering why they can't cruise the saintly breezes of Ass-Canyon anymore.
The little crips end up begging at the exits of the doubled barreled rainbow that traverses the mystical land of Ass-Canyon.

This may seem sad, but remember that everything fits in nature's plan. Flowing ass-tails need butterfly wing dust and the magical tails in turn are clipped for the evil purposes of OWC.