Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Owen Fitzgerald Dennis Christmas trees

Level 1: Overall Tree Shape- Green bent triangle
Level 2: Tree trunk and branches structure, inside green shape
Level 3: Sub branches coming off horizontal branches
Level 4: Needles coming off sub-branches

Each of the levels is following the shape and direction - and line of action of the level above. Every detail fits within the overall scheme

Very artistically clever
These trees, as stylized as they are, appear real. You can just feel the itchiness of bringing home your own Christmas trees!

..and of course, Fitzgerald always draws great cars

...and beautiful action
See this and more great comics at Mykal's wonderful comics blog.


RooniMan said...

Those trees feel alive in Owen's hands.

Zartok-35 said...

I guess making Friz layouts will do that to you.

C said...

Christmas tree crammed in his ears and nobody's wearing a seat belt. The heck with safety!

Victor Resistor said...

Before I started reading your blog (which is really entertaining by the way). I enjoyed but didn't really understand the language of cartooning. You bring out so many subtle elements, it is great to hear your thoughts on this stuff and really helpful for drawing.

For someone with so many ideas and such a love of cartooning is it frustrating that you get to produce only a small percentage of the art and projects that you would like to create?

And is that due to the system of funding and distribution involved in cartooning?

HemlockMan said...

I had forgotten about the flames that would shoot out of Mr. Mitchell's face when he'd yell at Dennis. Was that strictly an idea of Fitzgerald's, or did he pick it up from Ketchum (or anyone else)? I got a huge kick out of Dennis the Menace comic books between the ages of eight and ten or so. One series I really enjoyed were the vacation volumes. Great comics!

top cat james said...

I wish some publisher would start reprinting the Dennis comic books, similar to the inexpensive volumes Dark Horse puts out with "Little Lulu".

Anonymous said...

I've got a lot of comic reading to do tonight. Thanks John.

Mykal Banta said...

John: Thanks! Love that Fitzgerald!

Aaron said...

I love when you can feel the itchiness.

Phil said...

can you tell me which issues of Dennis The Menace this Fitzgerald come from? and the one on the billards table as well, Planning on a comic binge in a couple of weeks, would love to try and find these!