Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beautiful People 29

Is it too much glamor for you?


Lohen said...

Yeah, Mr. Jinks is the most glamorous in the whole world!

carol ozzy said...

hahaha, i loved it

RooniMan said...

Tom Hanks has seen better days.

MistahB said...

yes, yes it is

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of the glamour. Keep the caricatures coming!

marcushelbling said...

AAAA!! scary!


manuel said...

I did only recognize Stimpy.

Jorge said...

Rihanna's attorneys are going to have a field day.

Gabriel Renner said...

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Elana Pritchard said...

What are you doing with all these?

Hopefully not just throwing them on the floor or in the garbage...

BadIdeaSociety said...

Let's see if I can identify the people in the pictures:

In the first image, you have the woman from "Requiem for a Dream," Catherine Heigel and... I have no clue who the short-haired bikini woman is.

The second image is obviously Tom Hanks.

The third image is... I'm not going to lie... I just don't know.

To be fair to you John, I have been living in Japan for a good four years and just don't watch as much TV as I have in the past.

Thumpasaur said...

O shit. Yes it is too much but, don't stop now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

I think the ball of Tom Hanks's nose needs to have more depth. It could be a straight up sphere I think.

Nicole said...

The glamor is melting my face off.

MistahB said...

But I still can't have enough ;p