Thursday, September 09, 2010

Roughing Up The Lucky Charms Demon

I love these commercials because the kids act just the way real kids did back when I was eating Lucky Charms.
It's funny that the demon character is the witless innocent.
The Christian youths leap upon the pagan apparition.

Look how much attention the animator paid to manhandling the sugar imp.

The kid on the left is a funny design. The one on the right looks like the Cheerios Kid! Maybe his secret identity is a bully.
I think it's funny how many cartoons portray kids as sweet and cute little innocent things when in reality they are diminutive monsters full of the common evils of larger humanity, yet in more distilled and direct form.
Old cereal commercials tell it like it is.


Elana Pritchard said...

If only the Lucky Charms demon was a member of the IRA. Things would be different.

RooniMan said...

We witness an honest display of reality.

HemlockMan said...

That's great. You know, though...when I was a kid I hated those little bastards. I always pulled for the Trix rabbit, too.

Laura Wilson said...

I love these commercial break downs. I made sure to pass your blog out to all the animation kids I TAed for. Hopefully some of your sensibility will stick, I need to do more studies myself!

Fernando Sosa said...

Happy birthday John for more years and creations with us.

Trey Brown said...

curses! this link did not work! i love all these commercials youve been posting. im glad you mentioned the clever use of values in the cheerios commercial. they set the stage and cue your focal points really nicely. it reminds me of the old black and white flinstones.

Anonymous said...

John, the link in your post doesn't work. I keep getting this "Sorry, the page you requested was not found" error message every time to click on it.

BTW: Happy belated birthday! I apologize for not saying it yesterday. I had almost forgot. Hopefully you'll understand.

Raven M. Molisee: said...

Children: They'll take you down if you're not careful!

The thing is, its not only more truthful to depict the monstrous side of children, its consequentially a lot funnier because most of us can relate to it.

Even the hopelessness in Lucky's eyes as he's being manhandled by little kids.. kinda makes me chuckle. LoL

Anonymous said...

Heheh - too good for Leprechauns indeed!

The timing & the drawings of the Leprechaun just as he jumps out from the totem-pole (multi-cultural!) are great. I like the handling of his legs in those frames.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing the link. Boy, is that Lucky Charms mascot an imp or what (at least a well drawn imp)? When I first saw a few of these commercials on YouTube a long while ago, I was startled by how creepy Lucky used to be fifty years ago. Do you also like the old commercials with Sonny and Captain Crunch as well?

Pokey said...

Birthday? John? Hey, that's right, 55 this year..don't forget that the reintroduction of the original General Mills boxes at Target has happened..TOTAL-Leonardo TTV did the original ads, & Trix Rabbit was voiced by Mort Marshall, who did voices for them, using the voice just like what he'd use there later in 1963 for "Tennessee Tuxedo ", for irascible zookeeper Stanley Livingston [as a kid I thought Gale Gordon was the voice of Mr.Livingston.]

Happy Birthday..