Friday, September 03, 2010

Grogg VS Orrgo - who is more frightening in short pants?

That website is fantastic, by the way. Lots of great illustrators from 100 years ago or so.


RooniMan said...

Can't decide.

Eric Knisley said...


Anonymous said...

That website has a ton of neat stuff. I'm gonna eat up the Grogg vs. Orrgo art later in the day. Thanks for informing us, John.

The Stoogefighter game looks like someone was making a humorous homage to The Three Stooges and many other comedians from that era though. I doubt it's real. What do you think?

MistahB said...

orggo most defiantly!

HemlockMan said...

I never have decided whose monsters I like the most from those late 50s, early 60s Marvel Comics: Kirby's or Ditko's. Both of those guys were masters at creating these fascinating images of giant monsters and creepy aliens. And who colored those things? Marie Severin? The colors were perfect!