Thursday, September 23, 2010

Very Close Friends

This was one of my favorite toylines when I was kid.
I wish I could find one of the cool commercials they had for these ramp walkers in the 1960s.
Toylines used to combine characters from different studios and put them all together in one commercial.
So you had all these buddies for different cartoon studios all walking down a plank.
So you would see Donald and Mickey cuddling up in single file behind spooning Fred and Barney behind snuggling Woody and Walrus. The commercial alone would make your head explode with excitement.
It forced me to want every one of these romantic couples for my own loose planks.

I guess they even made generic characters but I don't remember them.

I looked down my nose at any toys that weren't based on real cartoon characters. I thought it was cheating. I apply the same rule to coloring books.