Saturday, January 01, 2011

George Scarbo Funny Animals

Here's a real find: The Comic Zoo by George Scarbo
I don't know anything about him except that he has a really unique and appealing style.
It's cute but bold and aggressively confident.

I love the way he draws eyes.
This pussy reminds me of the little cute one in Kitty Kornered. I bet Clampett was a fan of Scarbo. I wish he was around to ask.

I only knew about Scarbo at all because of couple of his strips are printed in Walter T. Foster's classic "The Modern Cartoon" book:
There is also a lot of great cartoon intsruction in Foster's "How To Draw Comics" book. I used to stare at the strips and wonder about them when I was a kid. They are printed in black and white in the book so I could really marvel at the great linework and striking designs.

I never thought I'd see the original color strips but thanks to the magical Chris Lopez here they are. I don't know how he, Ger, Mykal and others do it but we cartoonists owe the guys for making all this great stuff available.


Steven M. said...

It's like an abstract version of Dan Gordon.

Mykal said...

John: My pleasure and I'm glad you enjoy it!

Zartok-35 said...

That pig panel reminds me of early 1940s Chuck Jones style a little bit.

ComiCrazys said...

John - I ditto Mykal's sentiment. Thank you so much for your support and all the effort you put into your blog.

Check back later today for the Scarbo pages from Modern Cartoon. I plan to post that whole book soon.

Jorge said...

I have NEVER seen such cool angles in all my life.

Benjamin said...

These are great!

HemlockMan said...

I've never heard of the guy, but he was really good!

His work looks to me as if it was heavily influenced by the ink art of Ernest Thompson Seton. Have you ever looked at the spot illustrations that Seton used to illustrate his stories? Fantastic cartoons and, I suspect, heavily influential on many early cartoonists. Seton was, after all, one of the most popular writers among boys at the turn of the century and into the 1940s.

Adam Gunn said...

That first picture of Blackie Bear reminds me of Jessica Borutski's panda short. I wonder if she was influenced by George Scarbo?

william wray said...

been collecting him for years, I have a few originals. I loaded up examples for the Mighty B. crew on Nicks server. Your examples might be from there. Apparently his strip was free, a fill in when the newspaper didn't sell the add space. He was an in house artist at the syndicate. He did at least 3 strips I know of.