Friday, January 21, 2011

That Lovable Wife Beater Popeye

Boy, they sure don't make cartoon characters this mean and tough anymore. Lookit the angry mug on him.
One thing you got in Popeye cartoons that it's hard to imagine you could do today, is woman beating. Although I imagine they probably do it on Family Guy without the loving animation.
Popeye used to beat the daylights out of Olive and that was part of the fun of the cartoons.
Of course, as crusty as he was he never did it on purpose. Popeye must have been an atheist because he didn't follow the Christian commandments to keep your women in their place with regular beatings. And he certainly never stoned Olive, even when he caught her being unclean with Bluto.
The writers always had to concoct unwitting woman beatings. Popeye believed in protecking the weakerer sex - unlike his father who had no qualms about kicking a woman about the house.
Here's Olive after a good bashing. She can really take it though, and even dish it out herself.
This toy is true to its cartoon roots.
Here's her torn dress where Popeye accidentally kicked her arse. He probably mistook it for Bluto's beard - or other area.
Popeye has other unusual talents. He can exhale bubbles right out of his nicotine ravaged lungs. Babies used to eat that shit up. Not like today's wimpy babies that you can't even smoke in front of.