Sunday, January 09, 2011

Thanks For The Great Response

I am looking at everyone's links (the active ones first). I won't be able to respond to everyone, but have already contacted a few of you talented folks.

All the stuff I'm looking for is very cartoony (obviously!) and I especially would like to find animators nearby who would like to do some silly stuff that breaks away from the usual stuff.

If you love Fleischers or 40s Warner Bros and have always wanted to try animating in styles like those...


keegan said...

Oh man these drawings are fantastic. Can't wait to see the final product!

Cristian said...

Hey John

I'm not gonna post a link to my stuff because I'm not that good yet, but I was wondering if, in the future, you could talk about portfolios, like what kinds of things animation directors look for in your drawings, the common amateur mistakes, and stuff like that.
Your posts are always extremely informative, and I guess that would be cool for a lot of people.

Good luck on the project!

Steven M. said...

This ought to be good. Good luck with it.

Everett said...

I've always wanted to learn how to do better cartoon character designs and I heard that you had a school. I cant seem to find the reuqirements to get into the school since theres so many blog posts.

Keep on truckin man! You are doing something good for animation,

Jorge said...

John, if this if rubber hose meets anime, Osamu Tezuka comes immediately to mind! I can really see it in these great designs!

I'm glad to have a new cartoon to look forward to!

She-Thing said...

Good luck John... dah best.

marcushelbling said...

I love your anime rubber hose character girl, btw.

Dubious Duck said...

Honestly what does anime have to do with Fleischer or Warner Bros.? The styles are like day and night.

Dubious Duck said...

By the way Osamu Tezuka emulates rubber but most modern anime is about as fluid as 1980's Hannah Barbera animation.

JohnK said...

"Honestly what does anime have to do with Fleischer or Warner Bros.? "

Well anime design is based on 30s rubber hose design and 40s Disney (Bambi). It just isn't animated fluidly - although there are exceptions.

telfurious said...

Have you seen Tezuka's "Legend of the Forest"? It starts of with an interesting homage to the history of animation. For better or for worse.

Dan said...

Hey John,

Sorry, didn't check back to see the note about the active link. But I think Joe from TB may have sent you my info.

My Site

Always looking to break away from usual stuff in some way, and this is a style I haven't had much opportunity to explore.

Thanks. Oh, I also live in Glendale

Julián Höek said...

Hello john

i've worked on a couple of proyects animating in toon boom harmony.

here is a link to My blog

Good luck!

SandraRivas said...

I love how you combined the cute Anime influence with cartoony principles, like Katie Rice but your style is very different!

I wish I was that talented.

Good luck on your project! I know it's gonna be great!!

Paul B said...




Dubious Duck said...

Wow Julian your a pretty amazing artist you have many of the same draftsman qualities as Basil Wolverton and Mort Drucker. I know I'm not in a position to recommend anyone but he not only has the talent to aid you John but also a distinctive style all his own.

Dubious Duck said...

Speaking of Mort I found these cartoons he did during the early 1960's essentially lampooning the beatnik the necessary precursor to Hippies.

Jim Soper said...

Hey John,
I didn't know if it was too late to post links to our work. if your still looking my blog is:

Thanks, Jim

P.S- good luck on the project!

C said...

The duck is awesome.

The American influence might be easier to see in earlier stuff. Or if you want more Disneyish, here's a cat one I found.

What I like about current anime is that they're less afraid to draw crazy expressions than the Americans are. In fact, they're pretty much a staple!

TJ said...
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Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Hey John,

Did you find all the BG painters you need? I just wrapped up a project and would love a shot at it.

Israel Oliveira dos Santos said...


Thanks for the opportunity. Here is my link:

Success !

Douglas Ferreira said...

Hi John! I am not nearby,but I would like you to see my blog if you can!You probably knows the Frootloops and Tiger woods commercialls that are on american television!I worked on that,doing rough animation and character layout!Thks and congrats on the blog!

J C Roberts said...

That sounds like a great opportunity for some people who come a little closer to the description. It seems you'd have little trouble finding people who match those needs without resorting to someone on the east coast using Flash and After Effects. Other than those 2 points I'm practically cut from the same mold influence-wise. If I were more into struggling and starving (more than I am now, that is) I should have headed to the west coast 20 years ago.

I've been neglecting my blog for a while, what little time I get I've been spending working on my project, so there's not enough good "portfolio" type stuff here. I've also linked it here before without it garnering any reaction, so I'm not really expecting to be picked for any team. Just for laughs, I'll link it anyway:

I hope the project goes well regardless, though.

Brent Bouchard said...

Hey john have a gander at my blog if you like. feedback is welcome.

David DeGrand said...

Hi John,

I'm probably too late in the game to submit as well, but here's the link to my website anyhoo:


Been a big fan for a long time, good luck on the project!

Charles said...

Excellent stuff, John! I'd like to thank you for your suggestions on my sketches. I really appreciate it.

Williaint said...

Just in Case:

I only have old Flash Animations to demo, right now!.
(Some, I think are actually funny.)
I own (legally) ToonBoom Studio 6, Animate Pro, and am being hired to create a short in Toonboom which will be complete Mid-march.
(And yes, I'm fully schooled in animation)

michiel said...

Hi John,

that is my demo
I have worked in harmony before. (composting and colouring for a film and some try out animation)but I do not own it at the moment.
Please let me know what you think of it if there is the time.
I would love to work on a project that looks as cool as this ^^,

All the best


Daniel Og said...

hey john,
i didn´t even apply to this, cause i´m far away, but i would love to do it... also get´s in the way the fact that i´m not a good animator.
but if you just need. anything. i´m here!

tobor68 said...

yes! yes please, DO I!!

the fleisher's and tex avery are my heroes.

i'm constantly getting my scenes revised because i take the animation 'too far'. makes me crazy.

my portfolio just reflects what i have done, not what i want to do. i work hard 'cause i've got a family to feed which means going from one ugly show to another.

i know i'm not local to you but please give my portfolio another look see, thanks.
seanwickett linkedin

RyanH. said...

Ive always wanted the chance to do this,so feel free to take a look at the few pictures of my work that I do have on the internet and tell me what you think. Thank you.