Thursday, January 06, 2011

Too Much Glory

If this doesn't give you a pisswillie I don't know what will.
I wonder if there is a display like this for Mr. Ranger woolen underwear? The itchy kind.

They're Goddamned Lanolized too! I can just feel that slippery lanolin smoothing down my callouses as I operate heavy electric saws and power drills.

What a glorious feeling to gun down some ornery cuss in a saloon with these handsome gloves.


Steven M. said...

No one will mess with you ounce you put those gloves on.

Zachary H. said...

that's an amazing collection

SoleilSmile said...

Where did you find these, John? The reason why I ask, is that if you go to France, you will see Americana EVERYWHERE in their comic shops--especially Tom and Jerry. It's good quality swag too! No cheap castings with unregistered paint that smears features or anything.
It's fabulous!

Alberto said...

OH OH OH! I want the Mr. Jinx pair!

Trey Brown said...

...and we will call it "the city of pisswillie"

Shawn Dickinson said...

Gives me a pisswilly proper enough to shoot beetles off the ceiling!

JohnK said...

You're thinking of a PB.

A PW is that shiver you get at the end of a good leak.

Or when you peer over a cliff.

Or when you rub your finger along the back of your neck stubble after a haircut.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Ohhh....Thanks for clearing that up for me. haha

Vanoni! said...

This is incredible.
I'll take a box.

I've got a lot of wood to handle and I don't want to run out.

PS: When's the John K. Lexicon coming out so everyone can tell their B's from their W's?

marcushelbling said...

I don't think I have ever heard that word in all my life.
Kids, eh?

HemlockMan said...

Wow. I'd love to score a collectible like that.

~*~*~Claire~*~*~ said...

They are awesome. I want


top cat james said...

"I hates fleeces to pieces!"

blakeaj said...

Sorry John, cartoon paraphenalia doesn't give me piss willies. "Mars" by Gustav Holst does, though.

Oh, also the scene in "Sven Hoek" near the end where Ren freaks out does too.

And now I know what lanolized is! (kind of)

qeshi said...

space rage

John said...

It would have completely changed the tone of the trial if O.J. had left of these at the the scene of the crime.

Anonymous said...

Giddy! This is amazing. Don't know why, but I immediately wondered how those gloves smelled inside. Very nice. PW nice.

lastangelman said...

this week Adult Swim will be running Boo Boo Runs Wild all week (M-F) at 4am

tobor68 said...

hi again,

Sean Wickett again.

just saw your request for active links in comments. here ya go:

my portfolio
linkedin profile (resume)

again, here are my points:

1. animator/drawer
2. experienced with toonboon and flash
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