Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th From The Ultimate American

Not me, but George Liquor who represents the highest pinnacle of iconic Americanism.
George is my tribute to the American spirit and culture that I think was at its most influential and impressive in the mid-2oth century.
He is an ultra conservative that enjoys the freedom, innovations, easy living and cultural achievements of a nation forged and built upon by generations of radical thinkers, inventors, entertainers and meat processors. Like Jim Smith, radical cartoonist who drew some of these pictures.
George is completely free to complain about the types of folks who gave him the world he enjoys. He lives a comfortable suburban life but is also able to escape to a more rugged pioneering American ideal from time to time.

He has a solid muscular granite like head (here produced by famous Puppeteer Craig Marin).

Like all real Americans, George feels it's his duty to protect the next generation from the corrupting influences of creeping decadence and the latest rash of radical ideas.
One harmful influence on American youth is of course, the Canadian female. Being extra robust and healthy due to the unfair advantage of free health for all, she uses her lustful wiles to spread socialist ideas to decent but less healthy Americans who believe that if God has chosen to bless you with disease, it is your unalienable right to rot away quietly in honor of His generous gift of individuality.

All you lovers of comic books that promote American ideals will be happy to know that the Spumco Comic Books of the decadent mid 90s are being reprinted in hardcover form by that mogul of comic publishers, Craig Yoe.
I made Craig promise to print the colors truer to the original files too. The comics were originally printed too dark and that always fried my eyeballs.We'll also include some comics that have never been printed. "Nutty The Friendly Dump" drawn by Vincent Waller tells a story of American sentiment and family trials.
It's chock full of pathos and heart.

Anyway, Happy 4th of July from a Canadian who loves his own country and its best neighbor the United States Of America.