Thursday, July 14, 2011

Warm Shower Environment

If this had been painted in the 80s, it would have been a lot harder to read. Each major object (Rocks,Wall, Lockers, Furs, Benches) would have been painted harsh and clashing primary and secondary colors.

Colors straight out of the Cartoon Color cel paint tubes. - like the paintings I posted a couple days ago.
This BG uses more control to guide the eye and focus the viewer on what is important.
It uses neutral colors that subtly change hue, value and saturation -to keep it from looking dull and monochromatic.
The biggest contrasts in value and saturation are on the benches and this helps frame the bear furs and draw our attention to them.
The painting technique is very skilled, sensitive, organic and appealing too. I think it's Richard Daskas. The layout was drawn by Aaron Springer.