Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Foghorn Leghorn - McKimson - kicks and smacks dog

I think we should bring back some strong cartoon traditions-like beatings!

No one directed beatings better than Bob McKimson. His characters are big and heavy; his drawings so solid and animation so powerful that you can feel every whump, bang and stab.

"Walky Talky Hawky" (1946)

It's kinda extra funny that the abuse in his cartoons is not very cartoony. Other cartoons use ridiculous things like bombs and dismemberment as visual metaphors for suffering. Crazy things that are hard for kids to emulate in real life. McKimson has loads of punishment that you could easily imitate and really hurt someone (or yourself) in the process! Thank God for McKimson, Popeye, UFC and the Three Stooges.

McKimson helps you get a real view of the hard and painful world. He's lookin' out for us!


Let's put violence back into the cartoons where it belongs and get it off the street.

Today we have morals in cartoons and more violence than ever in real life. I bet there is a correlation.

I bet the Ultimate Fighters all revere Foghorn Leghorn as their inspiration.


Hey if you are learning animation, there is a great walk cycle and a great run cycle in this clip.

The run cycle (after he smacks the dog's ass) has 3 frames for each step-a total of 6 drawings, shot on ones and repeated for a few steps until he runs toward camera and off screen.

The walk cycle (after he slaps the dog around at the end of the scene)

is slower and uses more drawings for each step. 12 frames for each step.
Freeze frame them and copy them and you will learn a lot!