Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oswald: Going To Blazes, Cartoons Make The Best Stereotypes

Here's a post for Jorge, the last of a dying breed.

Witness an innocent babe, who doesn't yet know the facts of life.
All of life seems happy and clean and full of God's beauty.
All of a sudden, the sweet babe sees what goes on in the world.
At the wholesome community firehouse yet!

The unspeakable act of swishy dancing!Every natural instinct spills up from the guts of this unspoiled youth and retribution grasps his quivering revulsed soul.

Baby grows up fast and knows exactly what to do.This is the way of intolerance since time began. If it's different, cut it to pieces!

Luckily, Oswald is a modern hero with modern ideas and he comes to the rescue.

No crime, however instinctively motivated goes unpunished in an Oswald cartoon!

Watch The Dance Of The Firehouse Fruit

Animation is just great for stereotypes. In real life, stereotypes create themselves and are then caricatured in stand up comedy, rap videos and live action media. Then liberal white women and Keith Olberman cry about it.

But cartoons add another level to stereotypes.

You would never actually see a gay guy dance like this in real life, but it would be great if you did!

That's what cartoons are for, to make up stuff that's surreal but just feels right.

Don Rickles was on NPR last night talking about making his 50 year career out of making fun of stereotypes and it was hilarious. He made fun of every group equally, which is totally American and democratic.

I wish everyone would lighten up and enjoy how weird and different everyone is and make fun of it! We should enjoy how weird and varied human life is, rather than deny it and be ashamed.

Oh, for the good old un-politically correct days!

Here's another great American animator at work:
Walt Disney's Favorite People