Saturday, May 12, 2007

Color Theory 15 - Follow Up To An Important Concept

Maximum Awesome is the winner of this little quiz.

He said:

"I'm guessing:

Neutral or Natural Colours

Different answers might also be right, but I'd say the frames were non-garish BG heavy.
As for explaining the concept: keeping BGs mostly rich, warm, neutral earth tones and subtle mixes of colours so that spots of bright, intense colour "pop" more. Using colour schemes based on nature, not self-cannibalising cartoons and "video box covers"."

I was also pleased that lots of people noticed other good things about images in this post.

It's hard to write about artistic concepts, I'm never 100% sure whether I get what I'm trying to say across.This is a follow up post to a series of articles I did a while back. These pics illustrate a concept I'm somewhat obsessed about.
I'd love to know whether anyone can tell just by looking at these what particular post and concept these frames help illustrate.
I'd also be curious to know if anyone could explain the concept back to me.
That way, I'd have some inkling whether I am able to explain in words the concepts I love and try to share with other folks who may no have thought about them before.
So do me a favor if you're interested and let me know what concept is shared by all these pics, and maybe what previous post went into it in detail...