Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pinch and Outrage - Bob Clampett gift of perversion

Tex Avery used to make these cheater cartoons that made fun of live action travelogues that played in theatres in the 30s and 40s.

# Land of the Midnight Fun (1939) (as Fred Avery)
# Detouring America (1939) (as Fred Avery)

The cartoons usually weren't very funny, nor very animated, but the other directors all took their turns imitating them for some reason.

Even Clampett did, and they are his weakest cartoons. The cartoons are based on verbal jokes or literal illustrations of verbal slang. In the 30s Tex was basically satisfied if he had "jokes" in his cartoons. He didn't take advantage of the animators to plus the jokes very often-not until the mid 1940s at MGM.This bit is from a Clampett cheater cartoon-also a satire of travelogues and it's mostly just a string of jokes. This particular joke has been done a million times in cartoons-a Doberman Pincer 'pincing' other dogs. Normally you would just yawn at such a corny joke, but this time it's animated so doggone funny that the joke becomes hilarious.


This Pincer is so eager to pinch that it's completely perverted!

The animation is totally weird and out of place for 1941. Most animation at Warner's at the time is good, but fairly conservative. Clampett though, was always trying to find ways to make the animation be funny by itself, even outside of the actual jokes.

My favorite part of the scene is when the Doberman runs from dog to dog with such jerky glee.

He jumps from close to the screen to farther back and his head sways left and right like a maniac!

Look how eager he is as he approaches a victim!

He takes liberties with verve.

The other dogs' reactions of shock and outrage add to the weirdness of the scene.

These drawings are hilarious!

I wish I knew who animated it...

Look how gay and carefree this happy pervert is!

More offence...

Even the strange tilted angles of the dog's head are funny.