Friday, May 04, 2007

Honeymooners - "The Babysitter" - Ralph hits Norton

These are my best friends.

How many different expressions does it take before you finally beat your best friend?

Look at the pain Ralph feels as Norton drives him to violence.

Jackie Gleason has a million very specific expressions and gestures! He never seems to run out of them, and that's where most of the fun comes from good sitcoms-from the rich acting.

Cartoon expressions-even in really good cartoons are rarely specific. They usually are just simple symbols of happy, sad, mad, pain etc...just enough to get the general point across, but not enough to be entertaining by themselves. There are some exceptions of course-in Chuck Jones' work, Clampett's and even some of Avery's.

Captain Hook here is really well drawn and the expression is almost specific, at least for Disney, but not compared to live actors or real people in real life.